Aegis Defenders Combines Unique Tactical Strategy With 2D Platforming

Aegis Defenders

A new game from GUTS Department – love that name, by the way – called Aegis Defenders is storm-blasting through Kickstarter right now, already accruing 65% of its crowd-funding goal within an exceptionally short matter of time. The game still has 32 days to go before the funding drive ends and it looks like it’s going to hit that $65,000 mark a lot sooner rather than later.

There’s a lot to talk about regarding this game, but first I want to lay out a bit of necessary info before you scope out the breathtaking Kickstarter video (if you’re a fan of nostalgic 2D platformers but you also have a soft spot for tower-defense titles, you’re in for a real treat).

So first up, the game is played using two characters. Players will switch back and forth between Bart the engineer and Clu the hunter. Both characters have their own unique set of skills and allow players to exercise a very entertaining way to combat baddies, solve platforming puzzles and overcome obstacles. The style of the game is described as Metroidvania meets Miyazaki-inspired art (created to mirror the art-style made popular by the famed animation director from Studio Ghibli). Now comes the moment of truth: behold the trailer.

Aegis Defenders – Official Kickstarter Trailer

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One of the things I really admire is how clean and engaging the pixel art is… it looks really good. I also love the whole strategic tower-defense skills that Bart can utilize. It gives the game an unpredictable flare of creative engagement we don’t often see from side-scrollers, much less side-scrolling platform games.

I’m here to tell you that this could easily become a cult-classic once it gets funded, and with the momentum and appeal that the game carries it’s easy to see how Aegis Defenders will easily get funded.

Aegis Defenders

The great part about indie devs these days is that they can take something that’s already been established and then add to it; twist it, shape it and chisel it into something uniquely their own. I’m most certainly seeing that kind of creative ingenuity on display here with Aegis Defenders; it almost reminds me a lot of Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter.

You can learn more about GUTS Department’s Aegis Defenders by either throwing money at the screen over on the Kickstarter page (and they’re real close to hitting that goal so they could use a bit of your efforts)… or you can use the cheapskate method of supporting the game by doing nothing more than making the effort to click twice: once on the link to the official Steam Greenlight page, and another click on the button to say “Yes” you would like to upvote the game to appear on Steam’s store.

With all that said, I’m going to re-watch that trailer just a bit more and bask in the game’s new-age nostalgia.


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