4chan Recruits Gamers Via Facebook To Out Corruption In Games Journalism

Vivian James

If you’ve grown tired of all the BS that has been flung around lately by the outlets and video game writers that you used to respect – and there were quite a few I used to respect, including John Walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Leigh Alexander of Gamasutra – then you’re probably a bit downtrodden at the social justice warrior movement to basically make gamers leave the gaming community. It makes no sense and it has no end-goal other than to antagonize and intimidate (which is quite ironic given that they’re all against harassment, trolling and abuse). Nevertheless, there’s hope. Various communities from 4chan have finally stopped bickering amongst themselves to work together to help all of gaming.

Originally the thread started on 4chan’s /v/ community, but since 4chan cleans itself up every so often, they decided to go social. The community setup a Facebook page called Corruption in Video Game Journalism. They’ve collected tons of information, insults, harassment, attacks and vitriol from supposed “professional” video game journalists to show to the advertisers of the websites they work for in order to get ads and sponsors pulled.

4chan is going in for the kill, and they need your help.

They want to bring games journalism to its knees and get rid of the corrupt and unscrupulous folk that are tarnishing the hobby that we love.

Now let’s get one thing up and out in the air before going any further: No sane person in the gaming community supports harassment, abuse of any kind or sending out rape or death threats.

There is a small minority of trolls who will drum up the flames and pour gasoline on an already lit fire in order to get certain individuals and groups riled up enough to react. The problem is that when they react they do so by actually harming the image and damaging the cultural community of video games by antagonizing the entire industry by labeling anyone who doesn’t adopt their creed as “misogynistic rape-apologists”.

There were some even going as far as to label other females as “supporting misogyny” because they didn’t completely convert to the fascist religion of a Social Justice Warrior.

But we need to stay focused on the task at hand: corrupt journalists. They’re the ones feeding the tainted and misanthropic narrative about game culture. It has nothing whatsoever to do with achieving equality or bolstering female presence in the gaming industry (otherwise they would be supporting The Fine Young Capitalists instead of finding ways to attack and ridicule the movement).

Vivian James 4Chan

So when they make articles that vociferate the labels of “misogyny” and “rape culture” aimed at anyone who calls him or herself a “gamer”, use those articles. Use it against them. Show their sponsors what they’re all about. Grab the links to these hate-filled pieces  from the people who are supposed to be representing all of us in this culture, and show these hate-messages masquerading as intellectual diatribe to the people who put ads on their sites and see if it all still clicks. Check this Reddit thread for a list of links you can use to expose gaming’s antagonists.

As noted via 4chan…

REMEMBER: Be polite! Provide facts! Show examples of how these sites are attacking those they patronize. Remind them that you will boycott brands associated with websites like Kotaku!

Please follow the links and share this on this subreddit and elsewhere. Tweet these links with the #gamerhate tag!

Also /v/

We are fighting. Fuck these “journo” hacks. They bit the hand that feeds.

Right on.

Again, even if you don’t like this article then don’t spread it, just spread the message. Let your friends know and anyone who appreciates game culture know (there are more than a billion gamers the world over, so there’s a lot of love to go around and a lot of sharing to do). Use the hashtags #Gamergate and #Gamerhate. Message the sponsors on Facebook, message them on Twitter, e-mail them. Whatever way you can, get the word out. Use the contacts and information available in this article to spread the word. Also, don’t link to the SJW click-bait, run their articles through Archive.today.

Additionally, you can get all the information you need from over on the Corruption in Video Games Facebook page.

And for the love of every red-thumbed gamer fighting to maintain our culture.. BE POLITE!

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