4Chan Presents A Women In Games Tribute To Corrinne Yu

Vivian James - 4Chan

It now truly feels as if we’ve stepped into bizarro world, where gaming journalists hate gamers, the biggest troll site on the internet, 4Chan, now actively supports feminism in a respectable way, and Tyler Perry is even in a David Fincher film… like really? Really? Man, if I had come across all this news after going to sleep I would have thought I died and ended up in the Twilight Zone. Nevertheless, all this news transpired during the waking hours of the day and that’s what makes it even more bizarre.

So for those of you who haven’t been keeping up with all the drama, the short gist of the story is this: 4Chan was framed for doxxing people within the gaming industry. In order to retaliate the members of /v/ (the video game thread of 4Chan) decided to donate to an IndieGoGo campaign to show their support for female game developers and the growth of creative and equal-opportunity ideas within the gaming industry, hence the community pledged $5,000 on the very first day to The Fine Young Capitalists.

After some hardships and stumbling, the campaign picked up quite a bit of momentum, all thanks to 4Chan.

The lovely part about it is that the group not only donated large sums of money to The Fine Young Capitalists, they also designed a character named Vivian James, a female protagonist to represent equality and video games.

Beyond that, 4Chan has been working with The Fine Young Capitalists to do the opposite of a certain other individual and a series of trope videos, to actually show the positive, good and productive side of females in the gaming industry. It’s not all about making one sex feel guilty for enjoying games; it’s about making both genders feel proud to call themselves gamers.

With that said, check out the video below featuring a spotlight on Corrinne Yu, a graphics engineer who is currently working at Naughty Dog on the upcoming Uncharted 4, as presented by 4Chan and The Fine Young Capitalists.

Short; to the point; informative. No complaints.

I don’t know how much time or dedication 4Chan will devote to The Fine Young Capitalists, but if they keep this up while the group finishes up their IndieGoGo campaign that would be a pretty fine thing of them to do.

I just like the fact that out of all of the ugly that has been spread about from the nucleus of this matter, the one group where no one expects good things to come from, went and did good. Not only are they doing right by gamers, right by feminists and right by The Fine Young Capitalists, they’re showing that the real evils in today’s gaming industry are the self-serving hypocrites running the larger outlets.

But then again, at least Reddit is making it easy to spot out which sites to avoid.

You can support The Fine Young Capitalists over on their IndieGoGo page right now or check out more info over on their official tumblr page.


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5 thoughts on “4Chan Presents A Women In Games Tribute To Corrinne Yu

  1. If you weren’t making this all about Feminism, and equality just for women, I might have actually donated, but apparently women are oppressed as an indie developers, if was a good game / experienced/skilled team, they would of got attention just like any Male indie developer, stop dividing everything, that only leads the way for more discrimination and barriers, treat us as the same,(maybe not biologically) but this is an industry which everyone is equal (except PC as they have superior gaming platforms), Stop going on about Feminism, it has nothing to do with this, and is a one issued Equality group, which is wrong, some people (example me, champion for Equality of all, Not just Fucking women)

    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa… you’re coming at this as if I’m an SJW. That’s hardly the case.

      The Fine Young Capitalists simply wanted to do something good for game culture, and I support that because I support the growth of game culture.

      If the group offered the same game jam but for both genders I would still report on it. A lot of times I just don’t have time to write about every single thing that happens in the indie space, but just check around this site or type in “indie” in the search field, and you’ll see that I try to support a wide swathe of different games from different groups.

      I don’t care what your gender or personal life is like, if you’re contributing to game culture in a positive way then I’ll support the cause.

      In this particular case it did have to deal with the sub-topic of feminism because of a certain someone who I won’t name here, and how The Fine Young Capitalists’ endeavors were derailed because of that individual using feminism in a really foul way.

      1. Okay, it just annoys me when people do articles on a subject and they always bring up feminism and “how women are oppressed” but thanks for going into detail and explaining why this was different, and how I misread it ,that sorry about by over reactive response

      2. No problem man.

        I know where you’re coming from given all the FUD floating around out there on some sites, so it’s good you’re skeptical and you should stay skeptical.

  2. I dont know if the game is any good or not. However thanks to all the controversy that this game played a part in, Ive lost any interest In this game I might have otherwise had. I suspect that other gamers will probably feel the same way.

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