4Chan Donates $5,000 To Female Game Jam IndieGoGo Following Five Guys Fallout

The Fine Young Capitalists

(Update: The TFYC IndieGoGo campaign has been hacked and shutdown)

Right now the gaming media is waging a war against their own audience. They’re attempting to parlay the outrage into a message about gender hate mongering, when in reality the fallout has nothing whatsoever to do with a certain individual and the personal lives of those involved. The outrage festered from the repeated indiscretions spawned from the top of the gaming industry’s media circuits, making it look like a betrayal of trust against the communities that they’re supposed to represent.

Well, while a bunch of the larger sites are shutting down communication to appease the steam that blows up the stack jammed firmly up the sewage pipe that extends from the meaty sticks we call legs, one of the internet’s most notorious gaming communities has stepped forward to show that gaming media is wrong: the outrage is not about gender bias, it’s not about hate mongering and it’s not about hate speech. It’s about the lack of integrity from the front-runners who represent gaming at the highest levels of news media and information delivery.

4Chan (and I know it’s supposed to be a lower-case ‘c’ but I just prettied it up, so deal with it) decided to help turn the tide of the discussion involving the media fallout surrounding the giant gaming websites and the code of silence they’ve been trying to maintain over the communities who are calling for blood, by doing a good deed.

Instead of launching some ridiculous media wave for the power of truth or dragging any other individual’s name into the mud through some digital pitchfork-hungry mob, the good folks of /v/ decided to donate; they wanted to contribute to a worthy cause; they felt they needed to elevate their integrity above that of their adversaries, and to make known that gaming media is wrong: we’re not angry about what someone did in their personal life, we’re angry about being silenced by the people who are supposed to keep us objectively informed.

The InternetAristocrat made a very clear and poignant message about how none of this would have escalated to this kind of social media acme had the discussion been allowed to unfold and fade away naturally, like a child eventually ending a tantrum and then climbing out of the arms of parent time to find something else to meddle in.

No one would have cared had they been allowed to talk.

But it doesn’t matter now, because 4Chan is using this opportunity to right a wrong that they didn’t make. They’re supporting the TFYC, The Fine Young Capitalists movement that’s currently going on right now over on IndieGoGo.

As mentioned on Twitter by the head of TFYC…

“So in the last 24 hours I have had wonderful messages from such colorful characters as a Political Party devoted to Piracy @NYPirateParty, a planet smashing rock @Ziltoidwasright and many people who are interested in gender politics who heard about the project, from all places, 4Chan.”

“Since 4Chan has helped raise over $5000 dollars in 1 day the video will include 4Chan’s logo as they helped us so much.”

Originally the TFYC group was thrown under the bus due to the escapades started by an individual whose name will not be mentioned here.

The Game Jam was unjustly shutdown after being badgered by the same gaming media who has been trying to cover up (and failed) the whole Burger guys and fries incident. No one cares about all the Jerry Springer shenanigans, but they sure as heck give a cent or two about whether or not the gaming outlets that they’re supposed to trust are being compromised by someone’s personal agenda within the gaming industry.

Heck, when gaming media allows a personal crusade to corrupt their directives, then we have problems.

Hopefully, The Fine Young Capitalists can meet their $65,000 goal within the 34 days they have left on their IndieGoGo campaign. It would be a fine form of justice from the gaming community to show that they can do good without the influence of major media, and that the cause they’re supporting has nothing to do with the misconstrued label of “hate speech” that the misinformed and anti-gaming media personalities have been spewing as of late.

If you hate how the larger sites handled this whole thing, show them up by showing them they’re not right. Show them that their autocratic angst against the communities that make them what they are is a path that you don’t support. Make them hurt where it counts: don’t become what they say you are.

I’m glad 4Chan supported the TFYC and I hope the campaign succeeds, for the sake of their original goal and to ensure that the community speaks for gaming louder than any of the blockades of silence that the gaming media authorities could ever hope to enact against a culture that supersedes their petty agendas and selfish endeavors.

Click the link to head to the official IndieGoGo page for The Fine Young Capitalists or click the image below to check out their official website.

The Fine Young Capitalists


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7 thoughts on “4Chan Donates $5,000 To Female Game Jam IndieGoGo Following Five Guys Fallout

      1. The thing that strikes me most is how the new form of journalism mimics the old it does not have the sense of responsibility of it. The kids who started a site and chuckled a little at first when they talked about being ‘reporters’ run their places as little personal kingdoms and only their rules count. Works just fine most of the time. The illusion holds up. Until something serious happens.

        A web site is not a newspaper. I am not sure if expecting them to be is all that reasonable. Seems most do it though.

      2. I was thinking long and hard on that last night and you’re 100% correct: they’re not newspapers.

        I almost thought about doing an article about the “How To Be A Gaming Journalist Superstar”, because it’s the one medium where anyone can be huge with a little effort, a little time and a good schtick.

        The thing is, unlike real journalism there’s practically no accountability for when things go south; no accountability for getting in bed with the people you’re supposed to be reporting on (literally); no accountability for wrongfully damaging someone’s career or company (as is the case with TFYC).

        They just shrug and say maybe they won’t eff it up next time.

      3. I honestly feel a little sorry for the game companies. They have to deal with these people but they have no way to know the good from the bad.

        If you work for a newspaper and get caught lying even once it can end your career. Online it means very little. Perhaps you lose some viewers but they are quickly replaced. There is a certain segment of the population who prefers life to be dirty and underhanded who will even cheer you on.

        I don’t see it changing until something far bigger happens. Someone will go after a game and find a way to really hurt its sales for unsavory reasons. That will make the companies fight back. Perhaps they will form a little group that will rate or otherwise give a stamp of approval to game sites. There needs to be some consequences to bad reporting. However unless they can get almost every company onboard the net will reject this big time.

        Hard for me to see the online groups forming anything similar on their own. They just have no motivation to do so.

      4. All we can do is to stop visiting those sites until they can get rid of the known corrupted journalists/developers.
        There will be much more who are hidden, but at least we show some reaction. 😀

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