Watch This Real-Life GTA 5 Trailer

GTA V in Real Life

The popular first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has been recreated as a real-life fan-film courtesy of an independent creative group from out of Madrid, Spain called Zapruder Pictures.

DSO Gaming managed to get their hands on the new video that was recently posted over the weekend. The video is only 1 minute and 38 seconds long, but it follows the original GTA V trailer from Rockstar Games to an absolute ‘T’. Check it out for yourself below.

The video is really slick and apart from the obvious sections where various images were superimposed over the footage, I was kind of curious how they managed to film it in the way that they did? I mean, it’s pretty impressive to say the least.

The small group are aiming to work on their next fan-film based on Rockstar’s other beloved game, Red Dead Redemption.

The team has opened up a crowd-funding campaign over on IndieGoGo where they’re seeking €12,500 to finish the film. As noted in the description over on the YouTube video of their GTA V flick…

“If you liked this video check out our crowdfunding campaign for our latest production. A Red Dead Redemption fan film that we would film in Almería’s West Studios. The place where classic films like “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” or “Once Upon a Time in the West” were shot decades ago.”

With their real-life GTA V video on its way to going viral in a prime-time way, it looks like Zapruder Pictures could have some big things in their makings if they keep on producing videos with the kind of quality we see above. It’s not a bad way to keep people talking about GTA V, especially with the game’s PC and new-gen console launch due for release this fall.

You can learn more about the company over on their Facebook page or by paying a visit to their official website.


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