Watch Evo 2014 Championship Series Live-Stream Right Here

EVO 2014

The Evo 2014 Championship Series is underway and you can start watching the event right away. The live-stream of the tournament pools and finals will be broadcast over the weekend and that means you can scope out the action from the comfort of your home as if you were watching the World Cup or the Playoffs.

If you have a decent enough internet connection and a will to watch players throw-down some mean technique from the fighting game arena, you’ll definitely enjoy the Evo live-streams. Last year there were some amazing bouts across various games, but my favorite match-up was still the finals from Evo 2012 in King of Fighters XIII. It’s one of the most technical and memorable comebacks in the FGC’s history.

But okay, enough with all the prattle. You cam here to see some fighting game action and some fighting game action is what’s going to be delivered. Evo 2014 is currently underway and the pools will be dwindled down over the next two days in order to determine the true champion. You can check out the live-stream below, or you can visit the official Evo 2014 website for more information, news and updates regarding this year’s massive event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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