Warframe Fans Revolt In Light Of Perfect World Acquisition


I love Warframe. Honestly, it’s one of the greatest free-to-play titles – no, scratch that – it’s one of the greatest games I’ve ever had the pleasure of pouring a hundred or so hours into. Digital Extremes did an amazing job balancing out the game and offering players fair and honest ways to advance through the game, while selling tempting goodies in the game’s cash shop. I was usually so enthralled and engaged that I was willing to throw money at the cash shop. That feeling of ecstasy could be coming to an end, though. With a looming acquisition from Perfect World Entertainment, gamers are already feeling an invisible pinch on their wallets that they would prefer not to be there.

So to put this all into perspective and explain what’s what: MMO publisher Perfect World Entertainment has plans to acquire independent developer Digital Extremes.

If the acquisition went through, Perfect World would be in charge of Warframe just like they’re in charge of plenty of other free-to-play MMOs.

Fans haven’t taken lightly to this possibility (and it still is a possibility). As noted over on PlayStation Lifestyle, a certain MisterDerptastic decided to revolt by staging a protest in order to send a signal to Perfect World Entertainment.

Sir Derptitude decided to stage a protest that would go from July 6th through July 7th and end on the 8th.

He outlines his plans in a rather lengthy and well described post over on Reddit. It’s garnered quite a bit of attention and, quite naturally, quite a bit of criticism, too.

One Redditor, tgdm, posed an interesting scenario for the outcome of the protest, stating that…

“…this is a free to play game, the demographic distribution of all the people who access this game is massively spread out. also, this kind of boycott won’t really accomplish anything even if you managed to get 90% of the playerbase to not log in. best case scenario DE gets curious as to why their active player count dipped and then decide to take a glance at the reason.”

Even if Digital Extremes takes some time to investigate the matter that sure beats not getting any recognition at all.

As noted in the follow-up comments, the post from Reddit was posted on the official Warframe forum, but was promptly taken down by the moderators.

In this case, we see that the community is terribly dedicated to the game, and they’re most certainly afraid that Perfect World’s history of cash shop meddling could ruin what’s otherwise a perfectly balanced free-to-play title.

I honestly don’t know what a good solution would be for this scenario, but hopefully it doesn’t turn out for the worst, because Digital Extremes is a great company and Warframe is an awesome game.

You can get in some play-time with Warframe right now, for free, by paying a visit to the official website. Maybe you can gather up some enjoyment before the cash shop monarchy rolls into town.


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