Warframe Dev, Digital Extremes, Being Acquired By Perfect World Entertainment


Do you really love Warframe? Well, if you love it like I love it there’s some sour news for you to swallow today (and not the sweet and sour kind either) as mega-corporation Perfect World Entertainment has sought to acquire Digital Extremes.

Massively spotted the news from a MandASoft post [via Business Week] that indicates that Perfect World Entertainment via Sumpo Food Holdings Limited has sought to acquire Digital Extremes, the company that currently operates Warframe, the free-to-play space ninja game.

The news was not met with a lot of goodwill or tears of joy from fans. In fact, the only tears pouring forth spilled from anguish and hurt.

Over on the Digital Extremes forums there’s a lot of “R.I.P” posts and plenty of denial. This GIF from skyk kind of sums up what most of the fans expect from the game if the PWE acquisition goes through.

Most gamers cite the previous acquisition of Cryptic Studios and the outcome of Champions Online as a potential outcome for Warframe.

For those of you who don’t know, PWE is known by the gaming community to be very cash-shop heavy in how they operate their business. This means that games that used to have some leniency in their design become heavily focused on trying to force players toward the cash shop.

In Warframe, the cash shop isn’t necessary to have fun. In fact, the game is so freaking fun that gamers like myself were throwing money at Digital Extremes and we weren’t even looking for anything in return. We were just like “Yo, Digital Extremes… take our money!” (somebody cue the Fry meme, please).

Anyway, if this acquisition goes through the way most people expect, it could change the entire way Warframe is played. Hopefully, it turns out for the best (but whenever a large corporation is involved with buying out an indie company, it never turns out for the best… sorry for the downer).

Just so you don’t click out of this article with the sort of depression that Champions Online fans feel, check out this awesome video of Warframe below. You can also get in some time with the game before PWE gets their hands on it by registering for free over on the official website, and join more than 5.5 million other players [via Gamerant] in saving the galaxy as a space ninja.

warframe montage!!

I LOVE VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLT!!!!!!!! 【Skifonix – Flatline】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80_tv-_OPT4


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