Twin Souls Aims To Be Tenchu’s Spiritual Successor, Coming To XB1, PS4, Wii U

Twin Souls

Wow. That’s the best way to sum up the new game from Lince Works. It’s a ninja-stealth game that promises the return of a long lost genre that has been replaced with Ubisoft’s Assassins. The name of the game? Twin Souls.

Siliconera picked up the story as the Kickstarter trailer has been making the rounds. The game is designed on Unity’s 3D game engine and focuses on utilizing shadows and light as a core mechanic of gameplay.

Players will be able to teleport between the darkened shadows in the environment and use them advantageously against foes. Players can call on shadow minions, disappear from view or perform other abilities… so long as they stay in the dark. You can check out the video below.

That actually looks pretty darn good. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much and they definitely delivered.

The narration in the beginning reminds me a heck of lot of Sega’s Otogi: Myth of Demons. The atmosphere and themes also seem somewhat similar.

However, the gameplay itself edges closer to the likes of FromSoftware’s Tenchu series (you know, I still regularly listen to Noriyuki Asakura’s excellent “Execute the corrupt minister” track that played during the game’s training session. Man that was awesome.

Anyway, Twin Souls is running out of time and it definitely needs a heck of a lot of support to reach its funding goals. The game will arrive on PC and home consoles – which includes Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U – as a standard, not as stretch goals.

So basically, if the community can come together and scrounge up another $46,000 within the next 9 days, then we could see this supernatural, spiritual-successor to Tenchu on consoles and PC.

You can pledge your support and show some ninja-stealth loving to this indie title from Lince Works, by paying a kind visit to the official Kickstarter page


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  • Stefan Soy

    Spiritual succesor of Tenchu? Are you high? This is Power Rangers the game with dishonored gameplay slapped on it.

  • Anthony Klinger

    Writer paid off. This bullshit looks like bullshit.. that’s because it is bullshit.

  • Chris Whitbread

    It certainly isn’t fucking Tenchu.

  • Aboe Bobington

    I like that the OP, like myself, still listens to the original Tenchu soundtrack, so that made me smile… but I don’t see this as a successor – in an significant way – to the Tenchu games. Yes, it has stealth elements, but that’s about it. It is a shame though – I’m truly aching to play another genuine Tenchu title. I’m yet to invest in this current console generation, but a decent, ninja-based stealth-em-up a la Tenchu might (read: would definitely) sway me.

    • You would probably be better off getting Mark of the Ninja, because I don’t think a true and through Tenchu style game will arrive anytime soon if Twin Souls is already falling short of expectations.

      • Aboe Bobington

        Thanks for the tip. I just came across that name a few hours ago when I learned about a game called Invisible, Inc. I think it’s its predecessor from the same studio. Another one to add to the wishlist. I’ll likely keep a mild interest in Twin Souls (or is it Aragami now?), maybe it’ll surprise. It’s pleasing on the eye, at least. I like the cell-shaded style, reminds me of my time playing WindWaker.

      • Invisible, Inc., ain’t bad but it’s turn-based stealth (assuming you’re into that). And yeah, the new name is now Aragami, heh… how could I forget?

      • Aboe Bobington

        Yeh I’ve read a little about Invisible, Inc. and seen a few videos on it as well – it looks pretty decent so perhaps I’ll check it out at some point. Have you played it? If so, what did you think of it?

      • Haven’t bought it, but the turn based gameplay seemed okay.

        There are a few other games like Master Spy and Crookz that also center around similar themes of stealth. There’s one game in particular that I kind of liked but I can’t recall the name off the top of my head… you play a group of thieves, it’s kind of themed in the 1970s and you have to try to pull off heists… The Masterplan! That’s it.

      • Aboe Bobington

        Thanks for the recommendations. Just checking out those titles now – The Masterplan has a ‘cool’ visual style, I like the fact it’s top-down. Masters looks a little like Flashback and Crookz looks promising. It’s also set in the 70’s. They’ve all got good user reviews as well. I’ve added them to my wishlist but I may wait until I’ve upgraded my machine before playing as I’m on a dated laptop atm. It’s OK for some things (like Hacknet) but I was playing Volume recently with major lag issues.
        Thanks again.

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