Starbound Mod Spotlight: Mass Effect Edition


I don’t really have a whole lot of time to dedicate to this post, but I would love to discuss it more at a later time. For now, I figure that since I’ve put so much time into this game that it at least deserves a bit of recognition for its achievement in entertainment excellence. So, without further ado, this here is a spotlight on the Mass Effect Edition of Starbound.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Starbound is like Terraria in space. For those of you unfamiliar with Terraria, imagine a 2D, side-scrolling version of Minecraft. So if we step up and away from the meta-talk for a bit, we can basically say that Starbound is a 2D, side-scrolling, space-edition of Minecraft. Mind equals blown.

ChuckleFish’s Starbound is an ambitious game; it’s still in Early Access over on Steam, and it’s still prepping for a fall release on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

The game itself is kind of expansive, amazing, awesome, unique and creative, and yet at the same time kind of barebones.

Thankfully, there are mods for Starbound and installing them is pretty darn easy. This means that you can expand the game beyond its initial alpha potential, and bring into your own universe a wealth of creative ventures that explore all sorts of uncharted item, monster, weapons and planetary interactivity.

For this entry, I’d like to discus Team SMEE’s Mass Effect Edition mod for Starbound.

This is almost, but not quite a total conversion for the game. The Mass Effect Edition introduces gamers to a gold mine of content that ranges from brand new character races to choose from, to all your favorite weapons and technologies that were featured in BioWare’s much-lauded space-opera RPG.

You can be an Asari, a Turian or a human. You get a sexy new ship called the Normandy and you get to dabble around with a new ore called “Eezo”. That Eezo will help you craft new weapons, new mining tools and new items that will help you survive the cold, harsh realities of uncharted space.

You can snag a quick look at the SMEE mod in action with the video below.

Starbound Mod Spotlight: Mass Effect Edition v0.2.2

An updated spotlight for the Mass Effect mod for Starbound, created by Team SMEE (G4M5T3R, Pfhoenix, and TohKlidan) over at This video covers the basics of the mod as well as how to install it. This video covers v0.2.2 of the mod and includes all the new updates to the crafting as well as the addition of the new Eezo ore.

One of the things I liked most about the previous mod entry was the music. Oh boy, it was so awesome opening up the star map and listening to the song that oftentimes played when you were fishing for locations in the Mass Effect games using their own navigation console.

This is a mod that really expands the lore and depth of Starbound to unforeseen heights, and adds incalculable amounts of entertainment and replay value to the core experience. If the words that I’ve written so far don’t say enough in plain ‘ole English… I love it.

You can grab the Mass Effect Edition mod for Starbound right now. Just head on over to the official Starbound community forum to register a free account and download the file. Well, that’s assuming you own a copy of the game. No need to feel forlorn about the absence of digital ownership of Starbound. Heck, it’s almost worth buying the game for the mod alone, so check it out if you have some spare coin and a bit of time to dabble with a 2D Minecraft in space.


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