Star Wars Is Being Completely Remade As A Minecraft Movie

Minecraft Star Wars

Talking about extreme fandom. While this almost doesn’t borderline on gaming news, it fits the culture enough to at least warrant a post on the matter (plus, the “Interesting Content” tab on the site hardly ever gets used, so here’s one for the team). Anyway, enthusiast, gamer and father of a young girl battling cancer, going by the internet handle “Paradise Decay”, has made it his mission to combine two of pop-culture’s biggest phenomenon: Star Wars and Minecraft.

This isn’t just any kind of mish-mash, though, the whole thing centers around recreating every single scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in Mojang’s Minecraft; a feat only possible on PC since the home seventh-gen home consoles are about as piss-poor in RAM as the Republic of the Congo is poor in GDP.

Nevertheless, Mashable spotted the latest update to Paradise Decay’s efforts over on his YouTube channel, where he states that it’s going to be his final promo trailer before releasing the entire fan-film, free, to the public, stating…

“This will probably be my last trailer before the films release next year. I wanted to try and show a bit of the technology invovled in this project – Enjoy and please tell the world! ;)”

Tell the world we will, ace… believe it. You can check out the trailer below.

✖ Minecraft – Star Wars – ‘A New Hope’ – Breath Trailer

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I have to say, I’m not the biggest fan of Minecraft but the scope of the movie looks terribly impressive. That tracking shot through the trench run looked amazing, I would love to see how that looks in the final cut.

As noted in the trailer above, the video is being done for his daughter Sarah who loves Minecraft and is battling cancer on a day-to-day basis.

He has a website setup with donations and whatnot over on his Paradise Decay WordPress outlet called iHave A Dream.

The final version of the film is due for release soon.


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