The Sims 4: 20 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

The Sims 4

EA and Maxis released a new 20 minute walkthrough of The Sims 4. It features a look at the character personalities, some of the traits, some of the activities, some of the house parties, a little bit of death by hysteria and a puddle of pee that attracts the grim reaper. Yeah, this trailer is like a 1980s frat comedy without the frat boys.

The video features Maxis game designers Graham Nardone and Ryan Vaughan, as they give gamers a tour through some of the new stuff featured in The Sims 4. You can check it out below.

Funnily enough, the video wasn’t that bad, and barring the lengthy load times, the game almost looks fun and I don’t even play Sims games. The level of depth for interactivity is pretty cool and having all the meta traits affect different aspects of the sims is kind of cool.

I also really liked how it was pretty easy to open up the menu and drop in user-generated content with ease. I didn’t play previous Sims games very much since it seemed pretty redundant to create a character who sat on the couch and watched TV when I could get up from the desk and sit on the couch and watch TV myself. Still, I found the convenience of accessibility present in the video kind of cool. It seemed as if players will be able to drop-in and out of the game and bring various characters with them to wherever they want to go without losing progress. The seamless functionality of that setup is neat… I’m not going to lie.

Of course, the major problem is that the game seems to be built around a foundation for content gouging.

With areas now broken down into segments, it’s easy to see how EA and Maxis could start popping out college expansion packs, dance club or night life expansions, as well as all those hundreds of other micro-expansions that helped fill out the library of content for The Sims 2. With the removal of things like toddlers and swimming pools, it does pose the question for some gamers: will you still support EA and Maxis by buying The Sims 4 after they made this move?

Right now the community is about as divided as Scorpion’s body after a Sub-Zero finisher. The reality is that it’s hard for some people to separate their love for the franchise from their disdain for the publisher’s antics. It’s also difficult for some people to part ways from their hatred for EA to appreciate what new features Maxis is bringing to the table. It’s a battleground of consumer trust versus the potentiality of becoming yet another cash-cow victim at the ends of the former two-time running Worst Company in America.

The real question is: what are you going to do when The Sims 4 drops near you on September 2nd? What are you going to do?

You can learn more about The Sims 4 by paying a visit to the game’s official website.


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