The Last Of Us Remastered Cheaper On PS4 Than GameStop’s Complete Package For PS3

The Last of Us Remastered

So there’s been a ton of discussion over The Last of Us Remastered for the PlayStation 4, and whether or not it lives up to being worth $50 (originally people thought it was going to be $60… but it’s not). Now, ignoring the people who already bought the game on PS3 and don’t feel like double dipping, there’s a very interesting conundrum that seems to have taken place that many have overlooked: The Last of Us is cheaper on the PS4 than getting the complete edition, with all the DLC, on the PS3.

Now quite naturally, I’m sure there are some used game deals across eBay and Amazon that some deal-seekers will be able to find with ease, but for every other average gamer out there, the price comparison is actually quite laughable.

The information actually comes courtesy of Richard Masucci, better known to the gaming community as Rich from ReviewTechUSA. His latest video actually discusses the very thing that makes up for the content of this article’s headline. Check it out below if you have just under four minutes to spare.

He spotted the tweets from an article on DualShockers that talks about Santa Monica’s sound designer, Robert Krekel, coming to the defense of his former employer, Naughty Dog, to talk up the value offered in the Remastered edition of The Last of Us for the PlayStation 4.

It is true, actually. He’s not just being a product pimp, or an advertorial agent, he’s tweeting some truth about the value… well, as far as comparisons go to the PS3 version of the game at GameStop.

Don’t believe me? Check out GameStop’s amazing prices on The Last of Us (both new and used) for the PlayStation 3.

The Last of Us PS3 - GameStop

So that’s $39.99 for the game… new. $34.99 used. $59.99 new as a digital download. Ahahaha… what idiot would buy a digital download of The Last of Us from GameStop for $59.99? That’s mental ward prices right there.

Anyway, add that up with the Nightmare bundle and the Rally bundle. Both of those are $8.99.

The Last of Us PS3 – GameStop

The Last of Us PS3 – GameStop

So your total is now $57.97. You’re already $7.98 over budget from what you would have paid for the same content on the PlayStation 4… with native 1080p running at 60 frames per second, I might add.

But we’re not done. GameStop is hilariously benevolent when it comes to overpricing content. You’re still missing the one big piece of the DLC puzzle: The Left Behind DLC. Tack on another $14.99.

The Last of Us PS3 - GameStop

Dang, now you’re looking at a total of $72.96 from GameStop for the complete edition of The Last of Us for the PS3 compared to $49.99 for the same content for the PlayStation 4.

Now I don’t know if Sony and GameStop pulled this little stunt to over-price the heck out of the PS3 products in order to shuffle, move and jostle past-gen gamers into the newer generation of gaming, or if GameStop just has some crappy prices for age-old stuff. Pfft, who am I kidding, we all know the answer to that one.

Either way, if you haven’t picked up a copy of The Last of Us for the PS3, you certainly don’t want to get it from GameStop, especially if you already have or plan on getting a PS4. You’ll save yourself a heck of a lot of money that way.

If you are looking for a good deal on the Last of Us for PS3, you might want to check out eBay or Amazon’s used game section first.

The Last of Us Remastered is coming to the PlayStation 4 beginning July 29th. You can hit up the official website to learn more.

TL;DR: The Last of Us Remastered is only $49.99 on the PS4 with all the DLC included. The Last of Us on PS3 costs up to $72.96 on PS3 at GameStop for all the content.


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