Rainbow Six: Siege 1080p Gameplay Videos Surface


If you were convinced that every aspect of Rainbow Six: Siege was some phony-bologna pre-rendered garbage that Ubisoft churned out to uptick some pre-order hype, you’re not entirely wrong. However, to their credit, Ubisoft did allow some journalists to get some hands-on time with a playable version of what was demoed at E3, and it’s almost close to what was showcased during the demonstration.

RealGamerNewz got their hands on some content that Ubisoft churned out, featuring a handful of live-streamed videos in the form of YouTube content. They play quite a few rounds of Rainbow Six: Siege, and while the game does get tiresome to watch after a while, I do have to admit that there is some appeal to the game’s premise. You can check out the action below in the three-part series of videos.

Now, if I may interject my own opinions into the matter(and I should, it’s my website) I have to say that the tactical pace of the matches looks pretty tight. I like that it’s slowed down and that the four-on-four is strategic and tense. It’s a far-cry from the fast-as-F1-racers gameplay that you get from the lightning-bolt-and-it’s-done match-ups you see in games like the newer Battlefields or Call of Duty.

I like some of the traps and tricks and relying on the technology to help get a tactical edge over the opposition.

Those are the good points.

Now for the bad points.

The shooting mechanics are no where near as dynamic as they were showcased during the E3 demo. What we’re seeing in the gameplay spots above looks about on par to what we can expect when the game launches. All the smaller nuances of particle debris and miniscule procedural destruction that happens on micro-scale are just no where to be seen in the gameplay footage above.

Shooting through the walls was toned down greatly, and the whole “everything can be destroyed” gimmick looked exactly like that: a gimmick.

Now this isn’t to say that the game is bad or that it’s going to suck or that it fails, it’s simply to say that the actual gameplay footage certainly doesn’t match-up to the E3 demo that Ubisoft churned out during the stage presentation. But are we surprised? Should we be surprised? This is Ubisoft we’re talking about here, and it’s the same company that hooked, lined and sunk us on Watch Dogs. I can’t imagine that would pull a stunt any different than that with Rainbow Six.

The only question that remains is whether or not the game will be worth the purchase even if the physics destruction is minimized and the overall presentation isn’t as slick or as cinematic as what was on display during E3?


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