Radial-G Lands On Kickstarter For Oculus Rift, F-Zero Fans


The anti-grav, futuristic racer called Radial-G from Tammeka Games has made the next step in its development process: Kickstarter. The team is tackling the crowd-source arena as they simultaneously deal with getting enough votes over on Steam’s Greenlight service.

VR Focus does a snazzy write-up on the game and details Tammeka’s approach to handling the crowd-funding scene. They roll out a very detailed developer diary that chronicles their approach to development and aiming to succeed on Kickstarter where others may have failed.

Sam Watts, the game’s producer, simply writes…

“We knew that we had to go via the Kickstarter route in order to gain the necessary funding to be able to achieve what we wanted to be able to release for the first version of Radial-G. Kickstarter is a generally obvious choice to do this, we looked at IndieGoGo but felt that the audience wasn’t big enough to allow us to reach the potential number of backers we needed.”

With that said, here is the Kickstarter video for Radial-G.

Man, I really hope that this game hits its funding goal(s). Can you imagine playing a game like this with 32 other players? Absolute insanity!

Unlike some other projects out there, Tammeka is delivering on their promise well before they actually hit their required funding goal: a playable demo for Radial-G. That’s right, you can download and play the game right now to get a taste of what the developers are aiming to deliver.

The single-player demo sports play-modes for the Oculus Rift as well as standard non-VR monitors. Xbox 360 controller support is included and they also plan to show some love for Macs, soon.

If they hit their targets they also plan to introduce stretch goals for multi-platform support. A game like this on the Wii U would be amazing-balls. I mean, you could use the GamePad to steer and have all sorts of crazy fun.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a game that rekindles the arcade speeds and dark, atmospheric aesthetics present in games like Mega Race and Wipeout, you’ll definitely want to give Radial-G a little bit of your love.

You can vote for the game over on Steam’s Greenlight service or pledge some funds on Kickstarter.


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