Radial-G Aims To Bring F-Zero, Wipeout-Style Racing Frenzy To Steam

Radial G

Radial-G: Racing Evolved is one of the many games that have recently joined Steam’s Greenlight service in an attempt to get the a-okay from the Steam community in order to appear on Valve’s digital store. The game is absolutely righteous and combines all the speed and quickness required from F-Zero, with the futuristic aesthetics and atmosphere from the PlayStation classic, Wipeout.

Over on the Steam Greenlight page Tammeka Games have been doing what they can to keep their game in the eyes of the public. They need a bit of vote-loving and some favoriting to make it into the ranks for a deserved push onto the Steam store.

But before you go give your support to Tammeka Games, you might first want to know exactly what it is they want to sell you. Instead of trying to describe it, I’m going to let the video do all the talking (the racing action starts at the one minute mark, by the way).

Pretty neat, eh?

The game uses the green boosters to keep the player going fast, and the objective is to avoid getting caught in the red beams of slowness. It’s almost like the real-life version of playing your Xbox 360: you play just enough and try real hard to avoid running into the Red Rings of Death. Same thing.

Anyway, the pace of the game is what’s so amazing, as it moves so freaking fast. There were a few levels on F-Zero GX that were just like in the video, and it’s pretty awesome that if this game gets greenlit that PC gamers will finally have something to rival the classic Nintendo franchise.


The really sexy part about it is that the game will be getting a multiplayer demo set for release in mid-September. So if you want to test this game out with a friend or two, you now know when you can get your high-speed kicks on.

You can check out a list of the game’s features below. Additionally, you can pay a kind visit to the official website to learn more about Radial-G: Racing Evolved or give the game an upvote or two over on the official Greenlight page.

I’m really pulling for this game because as I mentioned, it looks righteous.

Game Features Include:

– Oculus Rift DK2 support
– Standard PC / Mac monitor support
– Variety of game race modes
– Single player campaigns and multi-player online racing
– Compelling storyline
– Boss rival battles
– Career and character progression
– and much more!


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