Quadrant Is a Horror Game Set in 1979, Lands On Steam Greenlight


HKFiftyOne Games recently put up a new game to garner attention and a bit of eyes from the world of the gaming community called Quadrant. It’s one of those retro-set horror titles that takes place in 1979 in a NASA research facility that has gone dark for unknown reasons. The game looks pretty slick and reminds me a heck of a lot of Creative Assembly’s upcoming Alien: Isolation for home consoles and PC.

HKFiftyOne’s indie title looks like something you would expect from an AAA publisher. I kid you not; this is not a leg-pulling statement. In fact, don’t let my words of flattery for the game’s visuals dictate or persuade your perception of the title, just take a look at the three minute gameplay footage below and judge for yourself.

QUADRANT – Official In-Game Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Steam Greenlight: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=288597068 Follow us on Twitter! @QuadrantHorror Quadrant is an indie first-person horror game, taking place in 1979, developed by HKFiftyOne Games. Visit our website for more info! https://www.quadranthorror.com/

As noted on the game’s official website, Quadrant will sport multiple endings based on player decisions, it will feature item retrieval, weapons (so you’re not a completely useless noob like in a bunch of other horror titles) as well as full-body first-person view… a rarity in first-person games. I do wonder if this means you’ll also get to see when you get mutilated? Hmm, interesting.

Anyway, the teaser gameplay above looked pretty good. My only point of contention would be the lack of proper animations for the giant spider thing. I mean, I know, it’s in pre-alpha… I shouldn’t even be pointing out these things because they will be fixed or amended or swapped out, etc., etc. I just couldn’t help but notice that the animation physics (or lack thereof) didn’t match the motion of the spider at the end of the video. Minor thing, I know… let’s move on.

The thing that impressed me most about the game is the light rendering and the view filters. I really hope they keep that old 1970s horror-style screen filter in place because that gauze adds all sorts of necessary visual distinction to the game that it’ll need to stand out from titles like Routine, and as mentioned earlier, Alien: Isolation.

Now I know some people might think we’re being flooded with these kind of Slender Man-esque, emergent horror titles like the unemployment office gets flooded with middle-class Americans just looking for a decent pay check to tide them over while the mortgage looms above their heads like a guillotine over the nape of a rebel during the 18th century, but the reality is that we get these games kind of far and few between, and anything that offers a unique perspective, time-zone or motif that’s unlike the next game over – well I’m all for it.

I’m totally digging what the game is offering so far; and if you want to help put this title on the fast lane to the right track, be sure to offer your support by giving Quadrant a few upvotes over on the official Greenlight page.

Need more info on the game? No problem, just check in over on the official website.


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