Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough

Oddworld New 'n Tasty PS4

If you weren’t born during gaming’s sexiest era between 1992 and 2001, you were one unlucky little dastard. The reality is that this span, this time-frame, this golden era (believe it) was home to some of the most amazing franchises, brands, platformers, shooters, racing games and multiplayer action titles that caused the word innovation to grow thin and weary from having been overused and overwrought within those two generations of gaming. Well, one of those games that came out during that time was Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, and it was part of a collage of side-scrolling puzzle titles that helped shape a genre of gaming that died during that era.

Yes, Abe’s Oddysee, much like the Neverhood, Generations Lost, Another World and Heart of Darkness before it, was an amazing game that only managed to find a very niche and dedicated audience. Well, after years of sitting on a shelf and many-an-interview of Lorne Lanning complaining about the powers-that-be from some of the largest software publishing houses on the planet, we finally get to see a return to form from developer Just Add Water and indie-oriented publishing outlet Oddworld Inhabitants, headed up by none other than Lorne Lanning.

The latest in the groups devilish endeavors involves a complete remake of the original Abe’s Oddysee for the PC and PlayStation One. Yes, the group has returned to their roots and revitalized the fifth-gen classic for Sony’s highly beloved PlayStation 4.

Provided here for your viewing pleasure today, is a complete walkthrough of the game from start to the very finish, as offered up by YouTube gaming guru Shirrako.

I feel like I’ve already provided you with an essay’s worth of words to read through just to get to the darn walkthrough, so without wasting anymore of your time (or mine) I will leave you to the complete 10 part gameplay walkthrough for Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty for the PS4, below. Enjoy.

Oh yes, and just in case you really have no idea what the game is all about, feel free to learn more about Just Add Water’s high-end, high-def, high-tech remake of the 1997 classic by paying a very kind and nostalgic visit to the game’s official website.

Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty is available right now for the PlayStation 4, with additional platform releases expected to arrive later in the year.

Oh, and if you were interested in any of those old titles I mentioned up above at the beginning of the article, feel free to learn more about them by paying a visit to the original Home of the Underdogs. You just might find some worthwhile gems on there.


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3 thoughts on “Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough

  1. Side scrollers suck. They were OK for their time because we didn’t know any better, but once developers were able to make 3D games, it should have been a death penalty offense to make a side scroller.

    1. Black Thorne is still one of the best action side-scrollers ever made. lol, how can you say they suck? Have you ever played Black Thorne? That game was awesome. It reminded me of a side-scrolling version of Diablo without all the mobs, and with a badass shotgun.

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