Microsoft Introduces First Xbox One Ad For China


The Xbox One is due to launch in China this September. It’ll be rolling out with the rest of the second tier countries that also includes India, Japan, and 24 other regions starting September 4th. To prep for the launch Microsoft has released an interesting new promotional campaign for mainland China, and it’s basically all about… non-gaming.

WP Central rolled out a fascinating article breaking down some of the translations and dialogue happening in the video – mostly since you can’t see what’s being said due to shadowy heads being in the way.

But the three-minute, yes, three-whole-minute promotional video detailing the Xbox One’s features focus primarily on education, socializing and watching TV on your TV. Check it out below.

For context purposes, the video plays out as follows: Boy comes home, sees mom watching something on the Xbox. He sits down and wants to play Forza Motorsport 5. His mom wants him to do his homework first. His teacher calls and tells him to do some math. He does some math with some account-linking to a Surface tablet. He uses an app to learn some English. He then watches some TV with his mother. I’m assuming his father must have left on a Tuesday (cue the rimshot).


Thank you Marion.

The video is definitely mainland safe.

For those of you who don’t know, there are 10 rules of censorship in place for software being released on home consoles in mainland China following the lift on the decade-long console ban.

With those rules come some stringent forms of advertising and product marketing. As you can see in the video above, it’s all as safe as a baby marsupial in its mama’s pouch.

Quite naturally, most people have criticized the ad for its lack of focus on… dun, dun, dun… gaming. No big surprise there.

It’s easy to see how anyone could mistaken the Xbox One for a home-education media center. Then again, maybe that’s how the Micro ‘S’ wants to promote it over in China? It certainly didn’t work out too well using that method with the whole “sports TV” talk when they unveiled the console in the spring of 2013.

Even still, Microsoft is aiming pretty small with the quarterly roll-out of Xbox One units in China. They’ve teamed with BesTV to deliver only 100,000 SKUs out of the gate. If it sells well and gains a decent sales footing, I imagine the company will further pursue a more aggressive marketing strategy.

Now can someone please get Nintendo in on this whole mainland China deal, because seriously they’re the only company who meets the 10 rules of censorship with flying colors, and they could really clean up, sales wise, when it comes to moving Wii U consoles over there.


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