Mario Kart 8 Has Sold 500,000 Units In Japan During June

Mario Kart 8

The month of June is being pegged as a big month for both the Wii U and the Xbox One. In the former’s case it’s to do with getting the console’s sales momentum to stabilize; in the latter’s case it’s to do with getting the console to not sell so poorly even with consistent, big games being released on the console. Well, for the Wii U it appears as if things are finally starting to turn around for the month of June… in Japan, anyway.

Nintendo Enthusiast picked up word from senior research analyst David Gibson, who sent out a Tweet that reads as follows.

Twitter / gibbogame: Famitsu/Kadokawa announced …

This comes on the heels of news throughout June that the Wii U has consistently been out-selling the PlayStation 4 on the weekly charts over in Japan. That’s right, the PS4 may have massive momentum propelling it throughout the gaming industry in every other part of the world, just not Japan.

In fact, Nintendo Everything noted that the Wii U – according to the June 29th, weekly Media Create sales to round out the month – managed to move 10,653 SKUs, while the PS4 only managed 8,059.

While Nintendo’s system isn’t moving gang-busting units, they are moving units.

Previously the company noted that they had sold through around 2 million Mario Kart 8 SKUs for the Wii U. This would tie-in perfectly with Gibson’s remark about Famitsu’s June numbers for the game’s total sales.

The real question is how well did the Wii U sale for the month of June?

Well, if you look at VGChartz’ weekly hardware tool and do a little bit of basic arithmetic, you’ll see that the Wii U came in at approximately 398,000 for the month of June, as far as global hardware sales go.

If this is true then that’s huge news for Nintendo and the Wii U. This could also mean that Nintendo’s system could keep them running a good pace in opposition to Sony’s PS4.

The NPD numbers being made available next week should be very interesting indeed.


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