GTA 5’s Modded Golden-Chrome Paint Job Is Very Shiny

GTA 5 Modded Car

So if you’re into modding GTA V you’re likely informed about the whole bootlegged modding scene that console gamers are using to mod vehicles in GTA V just until the definitive PC version is released… right? Well, even if you’re not into the modding scene on GTA V you’re probably going to want to check out the new custom golden-chrome paint scheme that was discovered by one user.

So before getting started, first you can learn about modding GTA V on home console without actually having to break open your console and j-tag it. You can learn about modding Rockstar’s latest open-world action thriller for the Xbox One and PS3 via a helpful article over on International Business Times.

Okay, so let’s get to the good bits. A video briefly describing how to achieve the golden-chrome paint job courtesy of YouTube user Mr.JamesGreary. You can see the golden-chrome paint job in action below, as well as learn how to use it in multiplayer games. Check it out.

I’m sure members of the Glorious PC Master Race see news like this and laugh given that they’ll soon be able to do proper modding on GTA V once the game launches this fall.

The GPCMR will end up on GTA Inside, downloading some of the most righteous mods imaginable and some of the most ridiculous total conversions this side of Battlefield 2.

Personally, I’m only mildly excited for GTA V on the new-gen systems only because it seems like the game isn’t that much of an upgrade from GTA IV. I may have this impression due to the game’s initial release on the geriatric twins where the RAGE toolset didn’t look all that impressive anymore given how much had to be stripped out in order to run decently on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

I’ll keep you posted on GTA V‘s release, as well as some of the more noteworthy mods coming out.


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One thought on “GTA 5’s Modded Golden-Chrome Paint Job Is Very Shiny

  1. Well I skipped both PS3 and GTA IV so I am looking forward to seeing 5 for the PS4. Although the last one I really liked was Vice City Stories so I am not sure how I will feel about V. Looks good though.

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