The Evil Within New Release Date Set For October 14th

The Evil Within Release Date

During the live-stream of Bethesda’s on-stage presentation at this year’s 2014 QuakeCon event, it was revealed that The Evil Within‘s release date has been moved up by one whole week from October 21st to October 14th.

VP and public relations expert for Bethesda, Pete Hines, took to the stage and made a pretty simple announcement about The Evil Within, the upcoming horror-survival role-playing game from legendary game designer Shinji Mikami, also known as the godfather of the horror-survival genre.

What was the announcement? Well, it was that Bethesda is actually moving the release of the game up by one whole week. As we all know October is jam-packed with games through and through, from front to back like a hot dog eating contest winner who can’t hold in nearly 100 hot dogs from the two most important orifices for consuming and expelling food.

Bethesda is wisely trying to dodge the biggest hot dogs in the room by giving The Evil Within just a bit of breathing room in the early half of October, by dropping it on the 14th instead of the 21st. Wise move.

If I had any gripe about the game it would only be that it’s cross-generational, so expect a more middling gameplay experience as opposed to something like Assassin’s Creed Unity, which is being designed for the higher-tier game consoles and PC.

Even still, you can learn more about The Evil Within as it preps for its new launch date by paying a kind visit to the official website.


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