Doom Details For Xbox One, PS4, PC Won’t Arrive Until 2015


If you were hoping to get in on some juicy details from Doom coming out of this year’s QuakeCon event, think again. The powers that be at id Software have made it known that you’re going to be sitting on your hands like a gay guy at a Crazy Horse burlesque show in Australia… just until 2015 rolls around.

Bethesda’s VP, Pete Hines, told PC Gamer what the deal was with some less-than-encouraging words of wisdom to give the gaming community, saying…

“I try really, really hard for this to be a dev first, dev-lead thing,”… “We’re working with them to say, ‘How does this work? What do we want to show?’ And they’re like, ‘Look, we don’t want a stream to go up for a game that isn’t at the point where we would formally show it to the world, and now that thing is getting picked apart, and digested, and gone through frame-by-frame and getting nitpicked to death, when normally we wouldn’t be showing this to anybody at all.’”

According to Hines, they’ll show more of the game when it’s ready. When will it be ready? No sooner than 2015. No streams, no announcements, no press releases, no tears of joy until 2015. However, for those of you crying there will be a Cyberdemon at your doorstep to slurp your tears as if he were one of my own minions, just like Grind Vids video below…

Bethesda and id Software showcased a brief demo of Doom to the audience, exclusively at QuakeCon 2014. The stream of Tim Willits giving an “eff you” to the streamers will absolutely go down in history as the biggest troll in streaming history. It’s also an awesome way to maintain some measure of hype for the game, which is a heck of a lot better than rolling out press releases pimping the game without anything to show for it.

Now for those of you who don’t know, Doom on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC will be targeting 1080p at 60fps. The game will be running on id Software’s brand new id Tech 6 game engine and it will be a throwback to the original Doom from 1993. That’s right, it will be a fast-paced, no-holds-barred, balls-to-the-wall-ceiling-floor-and-window gore-fest.

If you’re not really into the brutality that Doom has to offer, then you might want to stick with Mighty Little Pony mods for Garry’s Mod.

Nevertheless, you’ll still have to suffer through the biggest obstacle yet…

Waiting for Doom


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  • Logical Reason

    Meh, whatever, I have more important games to look foward too anyways.

    Stuff like this is just a slap to the face of the fans that have helped these companies be what they are since the early 90’s (myself included).

    That’s fine…I’ll still get Doom 4…just when it’s $5 on sale. Why? Same reason id used…”fuck you”. That’s why.

    • Billy

      I thought the whole “eff you” thing to streamers was just a giant troll; I kind of thought it was funny though.

      Also, did you hear the crowd boo the crap out of Xbox Live at QuakeCon? That was gold. I’m almost tempted to do an article on that.

      But not having much to show other than concept gameplay with a lot of rough edges only would have hurt them. I know some core gamers would be okay with it (myself included) but the Digital Foundrys and the Guru3D groups would have ripped it to shreds. The game could have had all its hype killed before it even got off the ground.

      I actually think they’ve generated tons more hype doing things this way as opposed to showing the footage off. I just hope they can live up to the hype when the time comes next year.

      • Logical Reason

        What up Usher? Haha!

        See I think this just takes from fans like me. Might hype others up but it just pisses their FANS off I think more than anything.

        Oh well, whatever I guess. It is what it is…but good publicity and positive image it is not.

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