Doom 4’s E3 2014 Teaser Was Pre-Rendered CG?

Doom 4

You know that right proper, kick-butt trailer that id Software and Bethesda let loose at this year’s E3 for the tentatively titled Doom 4? Well, if the trailer looked like a righteous set of awesome carved out of a stone called badass, that’s because it most likely wasn’t running in-engine.

While it has yet to be confirmed, there have been some discussions about whether or not the Doom 4 teaser that has been used as a promotional lead-in for the upcoming full reveal at QuakCon in two week’s time, was actually all just pre-rendered CG footage.

GamePur caught wind of a brief Twitter conversation between Jonathan Cooper, an animator at Naughty Dog, and Keil, a character animator at Double Negative, where they discussed the teaser trailer’s potentiality for being real-time.

Cooper asked the following question on his Twitter account

“Does anyone know if this DOOM Cyberdemon teaser is rendered real-time in new id Tech? Looks amazing.”

Keil replied with the following statement…

“Pretty sure it’s prerendered, a buddy of mine said the NYC branch of his vfx studio worked on it”

That’s when some noob named Andy Beattie decided to join in on the conversation and posted the following comment…

“@GameAnim I have no idea, though I hope it scares the sh*t outta me when i play it”

You might want to consider investing in some depends then, Andy.

For those of you completely lost on this whole little conversational shindig shaking up the smallest parts of the foundation of the gaming industry, just check out the trailer for yourself and get informed.

DOOM Teaser | E3 2014

Watch the all-new teaser trailer for the next DOOM game in development at id Software. Look for the first reveal of the game at QuakeCon 2014.

That looked pretty freaking radical, yeah? It’s like the original Doom went and took a CGI bath in the id Tech 5 engine.

Anyway, we don’t know for certain that the teaser above was actually rendered in-engine or if it was all handled by an outsourced team who put it together just to help build some hype for QuakeCon 2014. I guess we’ll find out in two weeks, eh?


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