Destiny’s PS4 Installation Requires 40GB


Sony let some bombs drop loose recently when they unveiled the storage requirements for Bungie’s upcoming first-person shooter, Destiny. The game will require 40 unadulterated and unmolested gigabytes of hard drive space on your clean and pristine PS4. If you didn’t do spring cleaning back in spring, you might want to consider it right now.

The news was originally spotted by GameRanx, who noted a forum discussion happening over on Reddit. The thread linked to the official Destiny page over on Sony’s Entertainment Network, where it was further detailed far down below all the ad-spiel, where the description page stated that…

“40 GB hard drive storage (or its equivalent) is required. Additional storage may be required for some updates and features. Storage requirements subject to change.”

Hot dang, that’s more memory than if you downloaded all of Pauly Shore’s movies in sub-HD from a back-alley torrent site.

Anyway, the cost of space has risen considerably this generation due to some games making use of full HD. What’s more is that allowing games to scale to the size of Blu-ray disc has been a real heaven-send because it enables developers to make much larger and more expansive worlds.

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that Destiny is still a cross-gen game, so basically we can expect that a lot of the memory budget for the download and/or installation for the PS4 version of the game will be in higher quality assets, such as textures, sounds and some geometry.

Unfortunately – due to the cross-gen nature of the game – Bungie has already made it known that they are aiming to keep gameplay parity intact across both the old-gen consoles and the new-gen consoles, as revealed in an interview on Venture Beat.

So if you were hoping that 40GB installation on PS4 would net you some amazing, super-balls gameplay not seen on the other platforms, think again.

You can check out the full description and page listing of Destiny and its requirements and features by paying a kind visit to the official SEN page for the game.

Destiny is due for release on September 9th for the geriatric twins and the new-gen siblings. Unfortunately, no PC or Wii U version is inbound, but that hasn’t stopped gamers from setting up petitions.


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