Destiny On Wii U? Gamers Create Petition To Make It Happen


Why should Nintendo and the little Wii U-that-could be left out in the field? The system is more than capable to play the latest and greatest games; and there are obviously more people in ownership of a Wii U than an Xbox One. So why shouldn’t Destiny be on the system? Well, some gamers think that it should and that’s why they’ve created a petition to make it happen.

Following all the hoopla over the upcoming betas and pre-order packages, games decided to take to to create a petition, which was  started by The Guardians, in an attempt to get Bungie’s prime-time, first-person shooter up and running on Nintendo’s latest console.

The description on the site reads as follows…

Release the upcoming title, Destiny, on the Wii U.

The more people that are able to “hopper” on to this, shared-world shooter, the better. C’mon, my body is ready.

The group is mostly hoping to get the petition to catch fire with the right communities in an attempt to spur a viral effect. Could it be possible that enough Wii U owners go out of their way to join the petition and maybe participate in putting enough signatures on the card to get Activision and Bungie to take notice? Well, it depends on how many Wii U owners out there really want Destiny on their console.

Of course, there’s going to be the typical group of Nintendoomers and naysayers running afoul the news with the typical comments about “But, but, but, the Wii U isn’t powerful enough!” Well, technically it really is. If there’s a game that can run on the Xbox 360 or PS3 – and in this case, Destiny is running on the old-gen consoles like butter runs down the side of a freshly baked loaf of bread – then it can run on the Wii U.

Wii U

The console definitely has some breathing room in the specs department, just not in the same way as the Xbox One or the PS4. But then again, the PS4 and Xbox One have a bit of relative breathing room for some games compared to last-gen, just not in the same way as PC. It’s all relative.

Even still, the Wii U getting a game like Destiny would be a pretty big boost for the console’s appeal for the harder-to-reach core audiences that have written the console off for its “kiddie games”. Even though last gen one would have to admit that games like No More Heroes, Manhunt 2 and Mad World were some of the most hardcore games ever made, and even this gen the Wii U is still getting stuff like Bayonetta 2 and some Call of Duty games.

As far as prominent third-party support goes, this is the kind of game that the Wii U might need to maintain sales momentum in between Nintendo’s big first and second party titles. The only problem is that with this petition – even if Activision and Bungie decide to embrace the community’s support (which is probably unlikely), a port of Destiny on the Wii U wouldn’t release any time soon at all. In fact, the game would likely end up being six months to a year off from its seventh-gen predecessors and its eight-gen siblings.

Nevertheless, there’s no harm in showing a little bit of verve in getting a massive third-party game to appear on the Wii U. If making some noise and signing your name on a petition helps the chances of the game appearing on Nintendo’s console, then I don’t see much of a reason to make a fuss against the petition.

If you want to try to become part of history, feel free to sign your name over on the official site.


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