DayZ Standalone: AK101 Loot And Location Guide

DayZ Standalone

A new video from YouTube user WOBO details all the locations for the AK101 and its ammo, as well as the mechanical differences between the AKM and M4. The video is expertly detailed in ways that’s very rarely depicted in loot guides, but the video is well worth a watch for anyone who needs help getting their hands on the automatic assault rifle.

The video makes note that the AK101 can be found in the long barracks or at a military base. The ammo for the AK101 can be looted from abandoned construction sites, the long barracks or the police station. Sadly, the AK101 only has one fire mode, fully automatic.

You can check out the awesome video that further offers details on the locations of the weapons and ammo, as well as a few other nifty details.

AK101 Guide – Loot Location, Attachments, Recoil, Damage & Comparison | DayZ Standalone

In this weeks video, we look at the newly released AK101 and compare it to other guns in DayZ Standalone. We uncover the attachments, recoil, damage, gun loot location and magazine loot location.

DayZ is currently in a standalone alpha state. The game is slowly being upgraded and improved to include more weapons, better stability, more features, better UI scaling, better optimization for performance, as well as fixes under the hood and for the graphics, too.

DayZ is the original open-world, zombie survival experience that got the ball rolling on emergent survival games that have become standard in the industry (well, in the indie space at least. AAA publishers still haven’t gotten the hint).


The standalone for DayZ is still pretty buggy, so if you want to reenact The Walking Dead in the form of the alpha standalone, you’re welcome to do so but you’ll be doing it at the risk of encountering game-breaking bugs, disconnections and server instability. That’s not to say that you won’t have fun, because you just might… and I should stress very much on the word might.

If you would rather wait for something a little more high-scale, you can check out H1Z1, which is scheduled to arrive on Steam’s Early Access soon, and there’s also rival games like Rust, The Stomping Land and Beasts of Prey.

If you need to learn more about DayZ feel free to pay a visit to the game’s official website. It’s already sold a couple of million copies and it’s not even finished yet. Good times.


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