Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Video Shows Kevin Spacey In Mo-Cap Suit

Kevin Spacey

Have you ever wanted to see a middle-aged man who happens to be a little less than what you might describe as “rotund”, squeeze into a motion capture suit and strut around on a giant sound stage full of bare-bones props and a bunch of cameras, all while attempting to put on a performance that would make the motion picture academy shed a single tear? Well, you get a glimpse at that very thing with the latest behind-the-scenes video featuring Advanced Warfare’s motion capture tech.

Activision released a fairly copacetic developer video that doesn’t dive too deeply into the technical jargon that only tech geeks and man-nerds might find interesting. Instead, they kept it pretty simple and focused on using the behind-the-scenes footage to pimp Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as some sort of second coming for new-generation consoles.

Hey, don’t take my word for it. Check out the video and see it for yourself, courtesy of Venture Beat.

It’s funny that Christopher Stone, the animation director at Sledgehammer Games, talks hot and heavy about the brand new tech powering the game and the facial capture method, but this stuff has been around for quite some time!

Did they forget about L.A. Noire or Beyond: Two Souls? The latter of the two used the exact same method that Sledgehammer used to capture the facial performances for Quantic Dreams’ adventure title that’s probably only going to go down in history for that nude shower scene featuring Ellen Page’s character. Oh yeah, David Cage goes there… he goes there hard…. real hard.

In addition to this, the latest Hitman: Absolution game also used the same technique when capturing the performances from thespians Shannyn Sossamon and Powers Boothe.

All of that is to say that Stone and crew at Sledgehammer aren’t really doing anything new… they’re just doing it with the new-gen consoles in mind.

I’m mostly curious how well this is going to work out for the geriatric twins, the Xbox 360 and PS3? Those two bad boys are nearing the 10 year mark, which is like 100 years for a human. I’m almost giddy with excitement to see just how badly downgraded the game will look on those old pieces of silicon and plastic.

Anyway, Activision is peddling some DLC for the game over on the official website. I would link to it but it takes you directly to the DLC page and that feels like I’m pushing for people to buy pre-order DLC. Besides, I got enough ads running on the site as it is, no sense in going in over the edge.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is due for release on the November 4th of this year for the old gen consoles, the new gen consoles and PC.


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