Bungie Releases Video Showing Destiny At 1080p On Xbox One

Grill of Desperation

-Sniff- …. what’s that smell? -Sniff- -sniff- Do you smell that? -Sniff- -sniff -sniff- … do you know what that is? That’s the ripe smell of panic being cooked on a barbecue grill of desperation, and Bungie is a chef that has Microsoft as a co-cook, working tirelessly as they attempt to salvage a fanboy fallout before it happens.

If you don’t know what’s going on, I’ll roll it out to you like a piece of rolled up paper on the counter of a hash shop in Seattle, Washington: Bungie had originally revealed that Destiny was only going to be running at 900p on the Xbox One for its beta. Many assumed that the game would be stuck at that resolution since history has shown that games running at lower resolutions rarely ever (and almost never) have their resolution bumped up by the time the game goes gold.

Well, Joystiq spotted a video from IGN that details how Destiny will actually be 1080p on the Xbox One at release, because there is actual video to prove it. Check it out below.

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So that’s IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey waxing parity like it was going out of style. Bungie’s graphics engineer, Chris Tchou leverage’s McCaffrey’s comments about parity and sameness by saying…

“[Destiny] runs at the same resolution [and] frame-rate as the PS4. We basically got together with Microsoft, and got a bunch of engineers here to work on optimizing and taking advantage of the system reserve. Basically that extra GPU time that Microsoft gave us – and yeah, we got it up to 1080p.“

Oh yeah, of course… definitely… totally, bro. I feel you. The only thing is that if the Xbox One can hit 1080p on Destiny, if Bungie actually decided not to gimp the game on the PlayStation 4’s hardware (due to the massive GPU advantage that the system has) would that mean that Destiny could run 1440p or at 2K resolution for Sony’s system? Yes? Maybe? Well, the powers that be at Microsoft would never let that slide.

Anyway, Destiny is working hard to maintain the hype as it heads into its late-summer release on September 9th, in barely a month-and-a-half’s time.

You can get in on the beta for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 this week, beginning July 23rd. If you need more info on Bungie and Activision’s prime-time first-person shooter, feel free to pay a kind visit to the game’s official website.


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