Mario Kart 8 Has Sold 2 Million Copies On Wii U

Mario Kart 8

It appears as if the momentum of Mario Kart 8 has carried over from the end of May and into the deep, saturated skin of June. In fact, coming out of the recent Nintendo conference, information was let loose that the game has shifted over 2 million SKUs.

Nintendo Everything is reporting that during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Nintendo’s representatives did all that they could to assuage shareholders in the direction of the company still being in good hands, even though Nintendo’s worldwide president, Satoru Iwata, was not in attendance due to his recovering from a successful surgery, as reported on Hardcore Gamer.

But the real nit and grit of the news is that the Wii U’s sales are still on an incline due to the sales of Mario Kart 8.

During the early parts of June it was revealed that the Wii U had managed to shift hardware units in the U.K., by a massive 666% the week following the release of Mario Kart 8, as reported by the Christian Post (irony at its finest, folks).

The Wii U’s global sales had been estimated toward an incline of 489%, as noted by a post on Max Console.

The only thing everyone worried about (and continues to worry about) is whether or not the Big ‘N’ can keep steamrolling through the sales charts during the famine-trenched months of July and August, when software releases are about as common as a flaming, pro-cannabis liberal in an Amish community.

If Nintendo can maintain close to 100k global SKUs in July, then they’ll have a nice stage of sales momentum setup for August and September. Keep in mind that once they hit September they’ll see Zelda: Hyrule Warriors launching, followed by Bayonetta 2 in October. From there, it’s all about that adrenaline surge from the holiday season rush. Here’s hoping the Big ‘N’ can pull off an upset to close out 2014.


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