League Of Legends Continues To Be The Most Played Game Of May


The stats are in courtesy of Raptr and we’ve found out which game is topping the chart, as well as where new-comers Watch Dogs and Arma III debuted on the list for May’s results.

Over on the official Raptr blog the top 20 games of may looked a little something like this:

Pretty impressive numbers for some of them. As you can see, League of Legends is just in a league all its own. Get it? Get it? Meh.

Anyway, Watch Dogs’ late arrival in May saw it barely edge its way onto the chart, helping to replace a flailing DayZ and Civilization V. Too bad for those two.

The post also makes an interesting observation about War Thunder and why the game moved up in the way that it did, writing…

“The MMO combat game War Thunder saw a massive spike in playtime beginning on May 16 with the open beta of its Ground Forces Expansion, which allows players to create their own military force with tanks as well as aircraft. As a result, week-on-week playtime nearly doubled.”

Interesting. I guess they really “bombed” the competition by comparison, eh? It’s like Garry’s Mod and DayZ “tanked” after going up against War Thunder, eh? I wonder if there’s a game out there that could “clip” the wings of War Thunder’s momentum… am I right? Am I right?

Anyway, if you want to check out the rest of the stats and a few explanations of why some games moved up, why some games moved down and why some games are still legends, feel free to check out more over on the official Raptr page.


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