Gaming Industry Expected To Hit $64 Billion By 2015

PS4, Wii U, Xbox ONe

At the end of 2014, the end tally of the total revenue captured within the video game industry is expected to come up to $64 billion. That’s according to a new estimate by DFC Intelligence. rolled out a new data overview of the video game industry’s sales projections for 2014 and beyond, all courtesy of DFC Intelligence, a market research and analytical group.

So what did the report say? Well, according to the DFC the gaming industry is expected to finish out 2014 and head into 2015 at a global software sales margin of $64 billion. That covers PC gaming, console gaming and mobile gaming (both hardcore and casual sectors).

By 2018 the gaming industry is being estimated to hit $100 billion, globally. A lot of this is in good part to the strong momentum carried on by the eighth-generation home consoles – especially with the Usain Bolt-style sprint that the PS4 has carried itself off to since November of 2013.

According to DFC analyst David Cole…

“The new console systems are doing well but much of the predicted growth is on mobile platforms and in BRIC countries. What we are seeing is a game market in 2018 that is likely to be split fairly evenly between console, PC and mobile platforms,”

Previously there were reports from all across the industry from various analysts saying that mobile gaming was going to kill off the console market like asteroids making dinosaurs go extinct. You know, you’ve seen these reports floating around like fish flies on a hot summer afternoon, such as the one over on Droid Report about Google Play “outstripping” the dedicated handheld gaming market.

Thankfully, we’ve consistently seen reports like the one over on Gear Nuke that continue to indicate that the consoles are doing a-okay and that they’ll continue to do a-okay so long as there are games worth buying for them.

Speaking of games worth buying for consoles… the Xbox One’s performance came into the discussion following all the bundle and price cutting that has been going on in the Xbox camp, Cole had doubts about any sort of dominance from the green and black brand so early on in this eighth-generation of gaming.

Cole stated that…

“The Xbox One should carve out a solid share among dedicated action gamers, but due to some questionable business decisions Microsoft’s broader entertainment strategy is in disarray despite the release of the new $399 Kinect-less SKU,”

Well duh. Why would casual gamers want to buy a $500 brick when they could buy a $99 box and get all the same capabilities of watching TV on their TV? It’s like Mirosoft forgot that there’s a strong trend of casual consumers moving toward cheaper alternatives to consume television and streaming media, and a $500 game console that offers the same capabilities just doesn’t look too appealing to the mass market.

At this junction Microsoft is aiming to change the way the market perceives the Xbox One, with Phil Spencer going over and beyond to help get people to view the Xbox One in far more game-centric manner. It’s going to be tough to do having a weaker console than the PS4, but they might be able to recover some ground with a strong line-up of exclusives. Well, assuming the exclusives aren’t games like Star Wars Kinect. *Shivers*

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