EA Sports UFC Still 900p On PS4, Xbox One; PS4 Suffers From Mild Frame Stutter

EA Sports UFC

The performance analysis is in for Electronic Arts’ latest fighting game that takes place within the octagonal ring. Digital Foundry worked their magic on the title and delivered some not-too-surprising results.

So for every big game Digital Foundry does a performance analysis and test on the latest and greatest games. This time around it was EA Sports UFC that was put through the grinder. The results? Well, the fears that hung over the heads of gamers during the initial demo roll-out of EA Sports UFC have rung truer than ever before, as it was initially revealed that the demo only runs at 1600 x 900p on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Upon release? Still the same.

That’s right, after EA Sports UFC creative director Brian Hayes gave gamers a bit of hope before in an interview with Gamespot about upping the resolution for the PS4 by launch, it all came crashing down like Shaquille O’Neal on an oily floor wearing roller skates after gulping down one too many tequilas.

As noted in the article by David Brieton…

“It’s clear that that both versions of UFC still operate using 1600×900 framebuffers in combination with multi-sampling anti-aliasing. As we saw in the demo code, 4x MSAA is present on PS4, reduced to 2x MSAA on the Xbox One, giving Sony’s system a tangible increase in overall image quality even if the difference is fairly subtle a lot of the time.”

They also noted that there’s some sort of alpha-blending blur with the post-processing and anti-aliasing on the Xbox One. Check it out in the image below.

Digital Foundry comparison

You can clearly see that the PS4 offers a crisper, higher version of MSAA during motion, especially when the blur effect kicks in and you can see where there is an obvious pixel-breakdown on the Xbox One. It’s like looking at a Baglione painting get turned into a Picasso. Yuck.

They note that the frame-stutter that barely sometimes happened during the PS4 version of the demo has returned, and they note that it’s not too disruptive to the gameplay but it is, every so often, visibly noticeable.

My biggest gripe is the fact that the game simulation is only running at 30fps. For those of you not in the know, the game’s engine sim-time is 60fps. Running the game at 30fps with variable blur effects supposedly makes the game more dynamic, or so, that’s what the story was.

Personally? I would prefer a 60fps game simulation so you can really get into the fluidity of the movements and the match flow. EA Sports UFC is just begging for some proper frame-rate loving and it’s a shame that it’s middled out at the 30fps margin, also known as “seventh gen’s frame-rate pimp”.

You can pick up EA Sports UFC right now for the Xbox One or the PS4, either physically or digitally. Need to learn more about the game? It’s just a stone’s throw away from the official website.


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