Bayonetta’s Latest Video Shows 60fps Greatness For Wii U

New video footage of Bayonetta showcases just how slick the game runs on Nintendo’s Wii U.

The poor little ‘ole Wii U. That’s how we used to think of it before this year’s E3. “Someone ought to just take it out behind the digital shed and use the Doom guy’s shotgun on it.” was the common sentiment portrayed about the system. But then Nintendo went and unzipped their pants, put their cheeks in the spread-wide position and then took a royal dump on all the naysayers at this year’s biggest video game trade show. They’ve continued to maintain that momentum with their second party studios unleashing some brand new content for gamers to view, enjoy and consume.

Platinum Games is reviving the Bayonetta brand thanks to some kindly (financial) intervention from the Big ‘N’. The upcoming release of Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U will come with plenty of surprises, including a revamped and redone version of the first Bayonetta, running at full-on 60 frames per second. In fact, to prove that point they released a brand new video on their official website that you can watch below.

Yep, that’s full-on 60 I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter frames per second on the Wii U. That same system that everyone dogged and said was a “last gen” console. Well, if the Wii U is last gen running Bayonetta 2 at 60fps – something even the 360 couldn’t always maintain – then what does that make the PS3 when it could barely run Bayonetta at 30fps? Ohhhh, burn.

Bayonetta will be packed into the package of Bayonetta 2 when it launches this fall, exclusivley for the Wii U.

If the above video has you tantalized and entertained, you can you check out some more footage by paying a kind visit to the official Bayonetta 2 website.


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