Assassin’s Creed Unity Release Date


Ubisoft is gearing up for the release of one of the fall’s biggest games. They’re putting a lot of time and effort into a brand new take on the Assassin’s Creed franchise by heading to the era of the French revolution and they’re ensuring that gamers will at least have as good as time as they possibly can with the annual outing on October 28th.

That’s right, the official release date for Assassin’s Creed Unity for home consoles is October 28th, 2014.

The game features the first ever drop-in, drop-out four-player cooperative play via an online component. Players will each don the role of Arno Dorian, but when playing online the other players will see Arno as some other random male character.

Speaking of random male characters… the game has come under heavy fire from gaming media stressing out over the lack of a playable female character.

Sites like Time Magazine lambasted Ubisoft over the decision not to include playable female characters due to the amount of production time, work and resources required to pull it all off before release. That’s also completely barring the fact that the player character would still be a male, Arno Dorian, and only other players might see their comrades as a female, equivalent to the way the multiplayer works in the game Watch Dogs.

Ubisoft could have added in the feature, but then the question arises: are you really playing a female when you don’t know that you’re playing a female, and does that make the game more enjoyable?

Well, enough about the existential politics of gaming. If you want to learn more about Assassin’s Creed Unity before the game launches, feel free to pay a visit to the game’s official website.


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