$4.4 Million Settlement Reached In 38 Studios Debacle

Kingdoms of Amalur

Kingdoms of Amalur… the name sounded kind of generic but the execution was supposedly pretty good. It’s one of the dozens of games in my back catalog of titles I’ll likely get around to playing after my head is full of gray hairs and flying cars become the standard for getting around town. This story isn’t about Kingdom of Amalur, though. It’s about the company that was granted $75 million to make the game.

38 Studios was headed up by baseball hall-of-famer Curt Shilling. The money that the studio was granted to make Kingdoms of Amalur didn’t quite result in a game that sold gangbusters.

The problem is that the studio didn’t make back the $75 million that it was loaned by the state of Rhode Island, and instead 38 Studios filed for bankruptcy. Well, people ended up pissed, a state was out of a heck of a lot of money and someone had to take the fall for it. According to a new report by WPRI [via Hardcore Gamer] there has been a settlement reached as part of a multi-stage process in prosecuting the people in charge of giving a game development studio enough money to make a Wall Street Banker drool with desire.

As noted in the WPRI article…

“The Commerce Corp., known then as the R.I. Economic Development Corp., guaranteed a $75-million loan to lure 38 Studios, a video-game company founded by Curt Schilling, to Rhode Island in 2010. The company collapsed into bankruptcy in May 2012, and the Chafee administration sued the architects of the deal for alleged negligence the following November.”

Accordingly, Moses Afonso Ryan Ltd., the law firm that brokered the deal, along with Antonio Afonso Jr.,a partner with the firm, have been charged with having to pay back $4.4 million in damages.

However, that’s not it and that’s not all. There are some involved with the case who feel as if this is just the start of what’s aimed at being a multi-stage settlement where more than just $4.4 million will be paid back.

Max Wistow, the lead lawyer for the state in the 38 Studios suit, was contacted by WPRI, the lawyer had this to say about the situation…

“I hope this is going to be the first in a series”

That was it.

Well I guess if you’re in Rhode Island the one name you obviously don’t want to have is “Curt Schilling”.

It’s a real shame because 38 Studios appears to have crafted a fairly decent game in Kingdoms of Amalur. Well, that’s assuming that reviews are anything to go by.


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