2 Dead, 28 Injured In Friday 13th Accident

November 13, 2015 by Danny

Santiago, Ilocos Sur. The Friday the 13th gets unlucky to two bus when they collided each other that cause death to 2 people and 28 injuries that happened around 8PM in the village of Bulbulala, Santiago, Ilocos Sur last November 13.

The police identified the two fatalities are SFO1 Jenny Rose Cadaoas, 33 years and resident of Puro, Caoayan, Ilocos Sur and Reynaldo Pineda, 49 years old, and resident of Bulbulala, Santiago, Ilocos Sur. The two are passengers of Partas Bus with plate number AWC-971 and body number 82888.  Pineda was dead on arrival in hospital while Cadaoas was pronounced dead while undergoing medical treatment.

According to PSI Roderick Vintero, chief of police of Santiago PNP, the Partas bus is drove by Jobert Brioso, 39 years old of San Juan, Ilocos Sur and is heading north when it was allegedly lost control and go directly to opposite lane and hit the mango and pomelo tree in the shoulder left lane of road. The bus then hit the southbound Redval Bus, drove by Sonny Galano, 39 years old, resident of Paratong, Santa Cruz.

The Redval minibus have passengers who are mostly students of Saint Joseph Institute who went to field trip and are going home already.

Injured passengers of Partas bus includes the following: SFO1 Benjamin Lopez Jr of Vigan City, SFO1 Erwin Quilana Caoayan Fire Station, SFO1 Fredilito Racquel of Santa Ilocos Sur, Heredine Corpuz of Magsingal, Erwin Quilana, Amie Tacla of Santa Maria, Krizzel Mina of Santa Maria, Honeylet Zamora of Santa Maria, Janine Awingan of Candon City, Michael Timoteo of Santa Maria, Erica Banera of Baguio City. They were later on discharged in hospital after medical treatment.

Passengers of Redval Bus sustained minor injuries includes Jessie Asuncion, teacher, of Santiago, Ilocos Sur andthe less than 20 students of the said school.

Heavy damages incurred in the two buses.


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