Marian Festival

October 3, 2015 by Danny

blog MaryHave you heard or read about these: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady Of Penafrancia, Our Lady of Piat, Our Lady of Antipolo, Our Lady of Charity, and many other names.

I’m sure you do. But do you know how these got their names? If you are Roman Catholic, maybe yes, but if you are not, maybe you don’t have the interest to know.

To Catholics, these names are the given names to Virgin Mary. And how it got the names? The names derived from the place where the Virgin Mary believed to have an apparition and performed miracles to people and community.

Our place, Candon City, Ilocos Sur is celebrating the Marian Festival this month of October. October 3 marks the start of the celebration where different of images of Virgin with their beloved names are displayed in the Heritage Hall of St. John De Sahagun Parish.

The viewing is free to all interested who wants to view the images and statues.

Even without a tourist guide, a visitor can be informed because the statue, an literary in written to inform the people how it got its name and what have been done.

For example in the statue of Our Lady of Penafrancia: it is written below that it can be located in Naga City, Philippines, Feast is held every September 18, attributes is its wooden statue Aureola with 12 stars crown for the Blessed Mother and the Holy Child cloak open wide; major shrine is in Saint John the Evangelist Metropolitan Cathedral of Naga; People who patronage are those sick and the afflicted.

All other images of Virgin Mary have these attributes and characteristics.

Most of the visitor are those religious people. And most of them are those adults most especially aging from 60 above. Only few of young generation visit the exhibit.

As Bishop David William Antonio of Candon City, Mother Mary have thought us the value of praying and family. And this should be in every family in the country.



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