Fountain Creek Nature Center part 5

The common deciduous trees that are native to El Paso County are Quaking Aspen, Narrowleaf, Plains cotton wood, and Peachleaf willow. identifying a deciduous tree, the leaves are a great place to start. You should ask yourself,
Are the leaves singular or composite or have more then one leaf on a stem? Do the margins on the leaves look like? Is the surface of the leaf shiny or dull? Take this into consideration. Consider the flowering and there seeds. During the winter, when trees lose their leaves the texture of the bark can assist in identifying the type of tree.
The bark can be rough,smooth, or flaky. look at the color of the bark. Some tree bark can have distinctive patterns, or unique characteristics that have clues to which species it belongs to. These steps will help in identifying a tree. The Colorado Master Gardener offers a easy-to-use key at:
The Quaking Aspen can be found at 6,500 feet to tree line. It is tall and slender, typically growing to a height of 35 to 50 feet. The leaves of the Aspen are heart-shaped with serrated margins and are pale green during the growing season. In fall, the leaves turn a brilliant yellow or red-orange. The seeds of the aspen are covered in a downy cotton. Aspen bark is smooth and pale, ranging in color from white to cream with distinctive black eyes that result from scarring.

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