part 2 of Fountain Creek Nature Center


Come walk the wetlands, search for the frogs and other wildlife, while you explore the wettest and wildest place in El Paso County. The nature center has spring fed ponds, sun draped woodlands and golden meadows. The Fountain creek flood plain is the highlight of this unique landscape. The Center is just 15 minutes south of downtown Colorado Springs. Since 1992 the Center has started environmental education programs. There are many exhibits, and binoculars to view the wildlife. Also, there are a variety of year round programs for people of all ages.

Cypress Spurge

It is a low growing perennial which contains a milky latex that is toxic to horses and cattle. It can cause severe skin irritation to anyone who comes in contact with it. It is an escaped ornamental which is popular in aerospace and rock gardens. The leaves are linear and needle-like in appearance. The flowers are yellow-green and bloom in the early Spring through late Autumn. Seeds can grow up to fifteen feet, and are viable for up to eight years.

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