Fashionista Mommy Birthday Giveaway

Good day guys,since my  birthday is on the air i have promise to give a gift from my follower.Because we are moms,i give two peices of  Rice bowl,2 pcs decor mug and contact lense.
It has durable quality functionality.It has a proper handling recommendations.And it must be guided in a good hands correctlly.First is the temperature tolerance is 20C to 120C.Avoid using scouring pads for cleaning.Avoid direct contact with sharp objects.Use ordinary cleaning agents with mild formulas.And lastly break resistant and dishwashing safe.

All you have to do is Following the instructions to be valid.This promo begin November 23 and last December 26.Good luck Guys and Merry Christmas to all!!

This is the Mechanics:
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Trending Pastillas and Aldub

Todays trending at online with the two leading networks rivalry which comparing  millions of tweet with the bang.Fans are looking crazy about of what they are patronizing of both trending team as of todate.They are looking the criticism below the belt issue and dont really care who they are hitting,which dont matter who the guy hurting on what they are posting.


Bashing the other team with the bad words,which is very bad to our ears.As if they are almost perfect.Copying the show is other network issue.And the “SHOO AWAY or PIMP” issue on other network.Which is also making people bad.Knowing they dont really know what the story behind..Because to pimp is the one who finds costumer to a prostitute and get paid.

Miss Angelica Yap aka Pastillas Girl
AL-Aldren DUB-Dubmash Queen

This is between the two networks rivalry who the fans are over reacting,Others dont matter the friendship just to sympatize this two guy.Two pair versus one pair.Fans are lookslike they know each story and and trying to search what they can do just to bash,hate them.

When you are going to logging in to your account on FB you will notice your newsfeed full of this topic.Bashing,bad comments,and i am tired of this issue.Both network saying they are the best,other says they copied ,others says scripted which is actually true.

Now in my mind that hoping someday this issue will ends in time.Because the Friendship are the most affected.And i must say that with this issue i also knows who the real and true friendship even they are not the same patronizing this two couples.

Maybe in time GOD will reminisce both parties what are friends are for!!!


My Specialty Creamy BeefSteak

11816373_10207339439954210_290373642098280816_oThis is my family’s favorite and to think that all my recipe are truely my family have love it.When theres a day that we eat lunch outside at a carenderia.Mu daughter said that my cooking was the best,hehe.Now i will let my beefsteak specialty to you guys,i am surely you didn’t regret on trying this,promise.

“Beef Steak Specialty”


2tbsp. cooking oil                                         1/8 cup soy sauce

1/2 klo. beef loin,sliced                                 2 tbsp calamansi juice

2 tbsp seasoning                                              1/8 cup oyster sauce

1 tbsp calamansi juice                                    1 tbsp brown sugar

2 white onion cut into rings                          1 pc beef cube

Black Pepper                                                      3 tbsp mayonaise

2 cups water


1.Marinate beef sliced in a mixture of liquid seasoning and

calamansi juice for 3 minutes.

2.Brown the beef sliced in pre heated cooking oil over high

heat then set aside.

3.In the same pan,saute half of onion in a minute,add water,

soy sauce,oyster sauce,calamansi juice,and beef cubes,bown sugar.

Simmer for a minute.

4.Add Mayonaise and mix well with the sauce.

5.Add back the browned beef slices,let the sauce simmer until

thick.When doned serve the beef steak while hot.

11816373_10207339439954210_290373642098280816_o      Enjoy your lunch,dinner.. i am surely your family will love this..


Learn How to Make A Home Made Ice Cream

                                      Home Made Ice Cream (durian Flavor)


2 box Nestle Cream 250 ml

1 Evaporada Milk Big 370 ml

1 can Condensed Milk Big 300 ml

1 bone of durian


Mix all ingredients in a 1 gallon canister or used ice cream gallons.After the mixture doned,put the mixture into the freezer and stay for an hour or more.

When hours doned,get the mixture and prepare your electric mixer.Mix the frozen mixture into your electric mixer,let the mixture ups till the 1 gallon is full.

When it is fully doned let back the ice cream mixture to the freezer and freeze again for an hour or more..

Well its that easy as what you think.Affordable yet commerciallize tasty.. Enjoy your ice cream!!

1919668_10204757986819495_3890552776336534483_n Have a great ice cream day