Reflecting Love

I feel God all around me as I go about all things in my life whether it is at work in my garden or driving my Corsica down along a long highway and I just believe, receive and know in my life will be ever changed as Father God is of the top of my mountains and in the lows of my valleys, he is the light in the still darkness of my night, he is beside me in good times, bad times and God is with me for always in everything i do rather it be walking on top of the mountains or standing in the valley he will always be with me no matter what and he will offer his hand as he picks me up when I fall and yes I fall a lot these days but I know he is there for me

God is all about love and when I choose love I know i have chosen God; the great I am… When I am having a great day I know he loves me and when I am in the midst of trials and tribulations of my bad days I know to praise him, worship him while choosing his love is what I am here for and God, he is love the greatest love that I will ever have, had or ever will have.

Life is so busy these days but, God is working each day in me and giving me so much love as I remind myself of this each time I look in the mirror. For this is when I see the great creation he has made in me and all because he loves me; that person’s reflection I see in the mirror.

Reflecting love from god to me and I give that love to you my friends. God bless

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Light and Darkness

i want to be a light in some one else’s darkness but I also want to be filled with the spirit of God and let my friend take control of my thoughts and my mouth and keep me from saying the wrong things to a hurting person that is in the darkness.
When I was a young girl I had a newspaper route and about one hundred houses to roll, cover with a rubber band and plastic sleeve and to deliver to on my bike that I had to add an extra basket to so all of them there papers would fit and then I had to really pump those pedals and get up the hill to deliver each person paper to them and i had to do this in the darkness of the still of the night with the roads were lit with pole lights and the moon would help as so did the bright stars as they shone. i was scared at times as there were bumps and noises in the nighttime but I was faithful to deliver to my customers just like my friend Jesus is to us.
I took a ride through the grave yard because it was a short cut for me to go as I had two house kind of off the route but I was faithful and scared of the night but I did it anyways and as always I knew Jesus was with me. I would really pedal that old bike hard and fast when I would hear screeches of the night but I was faithful and got them their papers and I did not make much money but just like Jesus my needs were met with the route and HIm.
Neither terrors of the night or creepy sounds can keep me from my faith

Desert or Jordan Valley

Glorify the Lord in the dawning light, the name of the Lord God of Israel in the coastlands of the sea. Isaiah :24:15 taken from the KIng James Version of the Holy Bible the good news from God our Father in Heaven who loves us all and will meet our needs if we are faithful and with you everyday of the rest of your lives be blessed stay faithful be honest do your best be happy love people as you go about your days and to be loved by your friend in Heaven.

there is a place where very few things survive the dry, hot sun that pours down on it all day long where the water is far and very hard to find, there are hardly any food and not much shade hostile to all life and mostly uninhabited and yes life is hard and few people choose it but many times we cannot avoid the dessert times in our lives.

in the Bible God’s people were very aware of the desert life that surrounded them in the middle east especially in Israel because it is a desert way of living. in the Jordan valley it is lush and filled with beauty water and life just like us at times we are in life and then comes the desert and in these times we should praise, worship and thank Father God for all he has provided us with like food, water, sun, sand, flowers and trees and his love and friendship just for us when we have faith as little as a mustard seed or as big as the highest mountain God is here for you and me, be happy love and give hugs wave t strangers and be honest and talk, pray each day sing a few made up songs and live a better life in and out of the desert.

Camping Turn Them Off

When my kids were young I decided we needed to shut them off and go on a rough it all of the way camping trip so, when I told them that we were going for a visit and to pack for cold nights, swimming, fishing and hot days ahead of us they were really disappointed when I turned into the camping grounds as they really thought we were going to visit a relative or stay on the beach in a motel.

now where we went there was no tv but I did bring along with us a battery powered radio for the music and to keep an eye on the weather just in case. I packed many snack foods and smores making ingredients along with hot dogs, marshmallows and many different foods extra clothing for them and fishing equipment and many games like cards, board games and just to be turning the electronics off and be out of the world and into a fun family trip now at first they were so bored as we put up the tent that had four rooms blew up the mattresses and gathered wood for the fires and then we went swimming and afterwards took showers and then fixed the best supper and began to have a grand blessed rest of the next four day trip I do believe that we have ever experienced as a family. how great is it to just turn off the world and spend time in nature surrounded by family well it was a great time and nowadays you cannot even get a granddaughter to get off the electronics and spend time out doors without causing a huge fight among her and you.  any suggestions? Besides taking all electronics away from her I do not know what else to do except to love her forever and ever more to the moon and back.

The Church Building

Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ what a verse that is found in 2 Peter 3:10. The Holy Bible is so awesome and all the answers that is needed in a life time of heartaches, good times, loss, anger, love and many more is all found right here in the King James Version.

My God’s grace is endless and goes on and on and grows deeper and deeper than any ocean and higher and higher than the tallest of all mountains. He heals my battle scars as I have been walking with him while all of my life time. My walk in nature or just being here is all that I need to have his amazing love, mercy and grace.

As we together together week after week at church we stand together helping and loving just like Jesus the Christ does and thanks to him we have choices to make and we shall choose the right choices if we listen to him. You see the church is not the building that is over our heads but the hearts of the people inside the Christians the chosen ones. Buildings are just that a building but people of Christ are chosen ones that he has called to him and he loves them that is you and I, amen.

We are to send out a message that has not changed and it is from Jesus the Christ and our Father God Christ in us is the hope of the glory love abiding joy, grace and mercy all of the good news is here waiting for us to come to him come out of the building and be what you attended to be the church it is you, in you forever and ever. Be strong be aware and be loved now show that glory!  photo is mine





Serve Me

The Lord our Jesus the Christ, saviour, encourager, best friend, love of our lives is great all of the time and all of the time God is great!!!!

God is my stronghold in each day as I want to start my day with thanking him for the blessings I have been given and for the ones to come. I thank him for the smallest of things to the greatest of all is love for little old lady and that is me. I take refuge in my Father god knowing he is right there beside me in all that I do, and whispering to me for me to do things for him outside of my church I need to be in tune to him for he wants me to serve him in my everyday walk in life because my life belongs to him not me.

Peace I have as I listen to the Father as he talks to me and I obey him in all my times and this I give thanks to him again and always and yes there is times he wants me to do something that I really do not want to or I may not understand the why but I am here to serve him not of the world.

I am growing in grace, being in love with my creator singing praises unto his name and worshipping him in my days here. But he wants me to serve him as he told the Pharaoh let my people go so they can serve me through Moses he spoke his Father’s demands and if he did not he would take his first born by the way was a son and Pharaoh did not let God’s people go and his first born son died. God means what he says and asks us to do , amen.

photo is handmade by me nana



Time is Evident

In the Holy Bible are all of precious quotes from Jesus the Christ as many Holy Bibles define this in red ink rather than black as the rest of the book. I believe everything that Jesus says in the Bible without any doubts in my mind that His father, my Father and yours loves us, created every single thing on this earth from the single blade of grass the glorious planets up above us but the greatest thing he made was you and  I and gave us life so we could be of prophets and go unto the world and preach his good news to all we meet and then He wants us to come up and be with him for ever and ever. No one will ever convince me that He does not exist no matter what science degree they have for they cannot prove that he does not exist and his mercy, grace and love endures forever for us all just believe, receive and take up your cross and be crowned in Heaven real soon for the rapture will be coming anytime day or night morning or evening it will come and it will be in a twinkle of an eye very quick and us saints will be taken out of here and then the tribulation will begin for those left behind and I pray that no one is left behind that I know or not.


Someday real soon I will get to sit on Jesus the Christ lap and hear him tell me stories of his walk upon the earth, I will see for the very first time alive and well my grandson, my mom and dad, sister and all others who have passed away and are now happy. I will be able to pet and lay with the white lions, bears, deer and so many other great animals and I want to touch penquins and this will all come to pass very soon.


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Miracles are Everywhere

Praise ye the Lord. sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise in the congregation of saints. Psalm 149:1 and this is credited to the King James version of the Holy Bible. praise is to speak out and declare the word the good news of the Lord and our saviour Jesus the Christ in every one of our situations we face every day in our life and whatever you are praising and believing in Father God for and according to his will you shall have your needs met and you will have this and the I shall become the will as the manifestation of your miracles that come forth all of the time in our lives and just look around and see the miracles that are right before your eyes and in your life.

I see so many miracles in my life all of the time and it is so greatly amazing to be able to see, hear, speak, walk and be able to breathe and these are miracles from our creator God. Looking at the stars and the beautiful moon I realized what a miracle that he created in each one of these and my kids are miracles, my granddaughters are miracles I just want you to remember the miracles are in our lives just take time to grasp and see them listen and hear the miracles and so many wonder why there are no miracles of healing and reviving people back to life when they die stop it and look around open your eyes and ears and you will see them and hear about these going on in this awful world.
Be of good grace and as you see and hear today smile there is your miracle a simple smile to someone else it will save a life for somebody today and smiles are the gifts from our Father in Heaven.

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His Voice Hear It

Stop looking for approval from man look to Jesus the Christ and our help comes from him only and we need to seek his face and love and not from our church family but from him our answer is found in Luke four and take time out to read this we do not need humans but we need God in our souls, spirit and heart and stop worrying about fitting in with humans but with being all about Jesus our Lord and Saviour. we are important to God and we are his children and he loves us as no man or woman could ever love us. There is no greater love than from the Father in Heaven.

Knowing and recognizing God’s voice comes by spending quality time with him every day not just when you need him, be in his presence and let him guide you for his word that is found in the Holy Bible has all the answers in it for anything you are going through find verses read them study the word and you will find the peace and love you are wanting and you are in need of.
As you pray read and meditate on his word and begin to recognize his prompting and leading in your life you will begin to change from the inside out and you will glow like never before and smile as others want what you have, amen.
When you know his voice you will know his purpose for your life. You also will then be led into his perfect will and your every need yes all your needs not wants will be provided by him not mankind. John 10:27 of the King James version of the Holy Bible says,” My sheep know my voice, and I know them, and they follow.” God is so good all of the time and all of the time God is good smile lets show his love that is in us all.

The Holy Week

As we drift into the Holy Week and how we celebrate this week is due to our own beliefs of God. Our church will be doing a service on Thursday night where we gather and take the bread and grape juice then sit for as long as we want on our knees and pray for others, ourselves, countries, our president families and friends, for our salvation health and loved lost ones. We will remember how Judas betrayed our Jesus the Christ and how he went to calvary and was nailed to a tree that he himself had grown and suffered tremendously as he was beaten beyond our imaginations and died giving up his spirit just for you and I also he rose out of that tomb that belonged to someone else and is now sitting at the right side of our Father in Heaven he saved us all now to repent of our sins for he died for us to be cleansed of our sins for Christ never sinned
On Friday we call this day Good Friday why do we call this good Friday many do not comprehend this for it was the time Jesus was crucified and it resulted in his death for us. So many things happened on this day many years ago and we are here and have been given the opportunity to repent and live eternally in Heaven.
On Saturday we will be resting after Easter egg hunts that many towns celebrate then many will gather as family time for a meal and to love one another and as Sunday approaches we will attend church as the sun rises and off to the morning service where preachers will teach the people how Jesus died on the cross and was buried to rise again how wonderful and great is our Father God so much is his amazing love for us all