News Of Life

The news is just an another name of getting notified about something. Depending upon who is offering news, it can be trustworthy and relevant, or it can be plain stupid. …Read more

Power of Music

We as a human are caught in the web of emotions and no matter how hard we try to run away from these emotions, we never get away from these …Read more

Age Is Just A Number

What is age? By definition, it is nothing but a counter that determines how old a person or a thing is. By no means, it relates to the wisdom, strength, …Read more

Power Of Repetition

Repetition plays a very important role in our life. Repeating same things again and again either make us good or make us bad, but that depends  on what we are …Read more

Aggression And Emotions

Some people don’t get aggressive easily and they try to stay cool as long as possible, but there are also some people who find it really difficult to control their …Read more

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