Types Of Problems

It is a known fact that life is neither a bad of roses nor a smooth ride that one can enjoy all the time with a smiling face. In fact, …Read more

Truth And Lie

“I don’t lie” is one of the biggest lies a person speaks in his life. We all have lied at least once in our lifetime, and in the present world, …Read more

Beauty Of Diseases And Death

We humans are a social animals which means depend on each other for survival. Sometimes this dependency is directly and sometimes it’s indirect but it is there for sure. Even …Read more

Dreams And Superstitions

No one knows what dreams are actually and why we dream. Scientists are trying their level best to explore the hidden secrets of the dreaming world but till now they …Read more

Being On The Top

Why? When ? and how? Well, there are so many questions about life for which we don’t have an answer. In fact, even if we forget about questions of life …Read more

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