And We Are Waiting | Site is Down

The epic battle will again begin on Saturday as Ateneo de Manila University battle for the 5th time their bitter rival De La Salle University in the women’s volleyball competition of the UAAP Season 78 finals.

Ateneo Lady Eagles and La Salle Lady Spikers will battle each other for 5 straight seasons. Each teams has a 2 win 2 loss record in the finals. Now it is time to break the time.

We are waiting for the tickets to be posted online but the ticketnet website is down. Where are we going to get our tickets now? Most definitely tickets are now distributed to the school administrators. What about the supporters and the volleyball sports-wannabe? Where do we get our tickets.

It is always an adventure reserving tickets online. When I go to the ticket booth, all I can see are the expectators waiting in a very long queue for tickets to be released. And ending up with an “upper box” or worst “general admission” tickets.

This is indeed the battle of all battles. Ateneo and La Salle are sure people magnets.

I am online now since 8 AM waiting for an announcement on Twitter but to no avail. Where can I get tickets – I don’t know anyone from Ateneo. I know someone but he is from De La Salle and he knows I support Ateneo. I can’t ask him to reserve a seat or two for me.

Site is still down. I think I am going to the ticket booth at the Araneta Coliseum, Cubao just to witness this two teams battle again – and to hear the noise of the snare drums from both sides.

My cousin will miss game 1 but she said she wants to watch the second game on Wednesday next week at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City.

It will be an excited match and an epic clash.

I Purchased Two Tickets

On February 24th, a day before the EDSA celebration of the People Power (What’s is the connection?) nothing at all actually, I was able to reserved two seats of the most awaited match.

I bought two tickets for the UAAP Volleyball match between the rival school Ateneo de Manila University Lady Eagles and De La Salle University Lady Spikers (Lady Archers). The most anticipated match. The most awaited of all the matches in the history of UAAP.

I am excited for tomorrow because I get to see these two teams – the most favored, fight against each other to end the first round. It is going to be a heated match as Ateneo supporters, alumni, and students will be in the stadium to support the defending champions, same goes with the De Salle community. It is going to be a venue filled with Blue and Green. Blue for the Ateneans and Green for the LaSallians.

I never thought I can catch up with the ticket selling online – I did it. I am going to print the tickets now before the game starts tomorrow, to avoid delays.

I am very happy with the article I have read this morning. Alyssa Valdez is good in answering interview questions. She is very humble.

I will be wearing my Ateneo jacket tomorrow. And will definitely cheer, Go Ateneo, One Big Fight!

I have find out that the games tomorrow will start at 8am and 10 am for the men’s division and 12:30 PM for the women’s but this match, Ateneo and LaSalle match will have a separate ticket. I’d rather like the games in Mall of Asia Arena and Araneta Coliseum because of the ticketing system. If we are talking about proximity, San Juan Arena is my second choice. My first choice is Araneta Coliseum. Mall of Asia is too far from my place.

Bottom line is, I have a reserved tickets tomorrow. I will be blue tomorrow.