I Miss Home

I went home last month, it was long time ago since I visited my sister, her kids and my father. I miss the simple life in the province. No air pollution, no traffic. I can feel the curfew is in effect. I don’t see teenagers on the street after 8 PM. In the morning I saw kids playing in the grassy lot. Oh those days.

I miss the lot where we usually hold our activities. Hide and seek, tag-along, luksong-tinik, luksong-baka, the childhood games we used to play. I did not see my playmates. I wonder where they are. My grade school classmates are nowhere to be found. I heard others are still working overseas – Taiwan, Dubai and Singapore. My grade school has new classrooms. I remember the time when I fell from the stage. It was a painful fall. Thankfully, my head did not hit the floor but broke my arm. Just a little fracture.

I went to our relative’s funeral who passed away 10 days after my aunt died. I had the chance to see and mingling other relatives, those who came to my aunt’s wake.

I bonded with my niece and nephews. I am proud of my niece, she received her medal during her recognition in school for being the top 2 in her class. She was also recognized for her participation in the math competition where she ranked third among other many school-participants. Woooooooo! We have a future math wizard.

When I visited on October 2015, the bridge is a work in progress. Last month, it is almost done.


Photo: nerdieeds

This is how we travel. There is an improvised bridge attached to the main bridge. More than half is already repaired so it is a short walk to the bridge. Once we get to the repaired part, transportation is already available.