She’s a Scanvenger Now | I Can’t Believe It

Another direct report messaged me on Facebook last week.

“Hello boss, how are you? You know what I am a scavenger now”

I was shocked with her message. I asked what happened. She said that when her 10-year old son died, she have lost her passion and sense of direction. The direction to work – she is a single mom now. She had 3 kids, now 2. I asked her where she’s at. She is within the vicinity.

I know God is challenging me. The day I got the payment from Sheridan, my former agent messaged on Facebook. I know the money I got from BlogJob will be an instrument to help her.

I messaged my high school friend (who I call Bhy – short for baby – our endearment). I told her what I have learned that day. I told her that I want to help. We had the same question in mind. If she’s scavenging, how she was able to PM me on Facebook. I did not ask her directly. I asked her where she’s at. She said that she is staying on the street. She gave me the exact direction. I wanted to message everyone on Facebook – to contact my former team about her situation so she can get help.

I dismissed the fact of helping her last week. Then my high school friend suggested to ask where are the kids. I did not ask – I don’t want to know because I am afraid of her answer. Today, I received another message from my former agent. “Yung inaanak mo nasa mga madre, doon sa mga nagpaaral sa akin dati” (Your godchild is with the nuns, those who sent me to school before). I was like in tears – this answered my question. I asked where is the eldest son? He said that he’s with the dad. Told her to apply for work. Her reason – she broke her dentures and no money to secure an NBI Clearance. I really wanted to help. But there is one thing that discourages me to help. I am asking her frriend who happened to be my former subordinate too. I am waiting for an answer to clear up things.

And now she is asking for food.