Random Facebook Statuses

While scavenging for possible topics to write, my first stop was Facebook, where if not all, most trending topics can be found. Aside from Facebook, I glanced through my Twitter timeline and the trending topics are mostly on the overrated loveteams in the Philippines. Of course Prince is still trending, yeah?

After few minutes of flipping and juggling Facebook and Twitter, I finally saw a potential viral topic. I saw a former co-worker who shared an update post that he was followed by a local male celebrity on Instagram.

Another post I saw is a joke – and I was tagged. 

Here is the first post.

He posted “One of the best actors/directors followed me on IG” (actor’s name omitted)

I’ve read through the comments – like my former co-worker, I was irritated with the other comments. Most were “wow” and uhuh comment. He got all those praises – thanks to you but one. He is sporting a sexy outfit. He is obviously naked with just the apron on. And surprisingly a person from local showbiz spotted him. That person really know how to appreciate beauty. He was right! Undeniably, my former officemate is oozing with sex appeal. That even a male can appreciate him.

Appreciate Life

Know who you are. I think someone needs a mirror so he or she can check himself or herself. Before you comment something against a person, I think it is very vital to know where you stand. To know who you are in the first place.

Respect Other People

Respect begets respect. So why can’t others do this. They see the negative side of a person. Why not just say “wow, you have been noticed” or “glad to know you have been followed by a celebrity”. Instead of saying, “ah because he is gay too”. So what’s wrong with being gay? Tell me.

And joke post from my current team:

It was a knock knock joke. She actually posted this and tagged us (the team) yesterday. We were all waiting. We were all hoping that the joke is something funny or sort of. And 2 hours ago, she responded.

“Knock, knock” 

“Who’s there?”


“Money who?”

Then she posted the then infamous Pricetag song popularized by Jesse J.

“It is not all about the money, money, money…” and so on.

I was like, ah okay. You nailed it in the head girl. Lol. I was thinking of a different song, but was literally from that song. And no one reacted.