Dear My 16-Year Old Self

The flies so fast – it is fast that I can’t remember all the events that came by. I have survived all the challenges.

To my 16-year old self,

How are you doing today? I hope you are doing just fine. How is life been?

I know you are tired in school. You are now a senior high school student. Greater responsibilities, I know that. And I am sure you are just doing fine. Academics wise you are okay, not the top of your class but almost there at top 10. Tough competitions right?

I know you have enjoyed the extra-curricular like being a choir member, you have bagged several championships when you were in your junior year (third year). And until now you still know few lines of your winning piece in the Choir Speech competition and some lines of the song “Himno ng Pangasinan” (Pangasinan Hymn). You memorized most of the steps and the blockings.

Some things I want to point out. I hope you never took sleep for granted for months. There are times that you sleep past midnight to finish your homework but still crams in the morning to finish your study. You need to help mother in her household chores. Do it without you being asked. You are the eldest, you should know your responsibilities. You are already 16, you should be helping and teaching your siblings on household chores. Lead by example.

I know you don’t want to go to the meadows to tend the cows. Just enjoy it. You don’t want to be scolded by father. Enjoy life and don’t take things seriously for now. Enjoy your life. Go to the river and swim, or to the beach with friends. And after you go to the library, that’s the way it is, your time does not have the technology that we have right now. And please take care of yourself.

Love lots,

Your Older Self