I Missed the Fun on the Sand

I got two invitations three weeks – one was from my friend in the province and the other was from a former colleague in the call center. My friend invited on the 23rd to attend the simple birthday celebration of her son. That was held in Pangasinan – at the Lingayen beach. My colleague invited to visit another colleague in Batangas on April 24th. I cannot commit to these invitations. One north and the other is south bound. I have decided to go to the birthday celebration in Pangasinan. However, on April 17th, my schedule has been modified. I have a new day offs which I can’t altered. I can’t file shift slide or schedule change. I need a two-week notice to do that.

So, I missed the invite. My friend messaged me yesterday. They had fun on the sand under the sun.

While my colleague tried to reconnect. I had a missed call from his number but I have never returned the call. I managed to message him on Facebook messenger but got an answer four hours ago. He said that they went to the beach.

Another missed opportunity to have fun on the sand under the heat of the sun.

I have missed my favorite food as well. Pasta, spring rolls (chicken spring rolls), and my favorite paella. My friend grew up in Pampanga, so she knew how to prepare the Kapampangan version of beringhe (paella).

I want to see the sunset in Lingayen Gulf 🌅. And have fun under the sun 🌞. And do some water activities 🏊🏄🚣. Or just a simple walk on the shoreline🚶. Or biking 🚴 maybe in the Capitol grounds. Enjoy the waves 🌊🌊🌊. I want to experience surfing again 🏄but not in Lingayen. Best surfing spots are La Union or Zambales.

I wanted to be away from all of these for a moment 🚂🚊🚕🚖🚗🚘🚚🚥🚦.